anyone know anything about connecting a PS3 to an LCD monitor?

ive read alot of stuff online about this, and they all pretty much say the same thing. most of it being that if you want to plug your PS3 into your PC monitor, the monitor must be HDCP compliant and it needs to be connected via a HDMI-DVI cable.

but, what if your monitor has a HDMI input? wouldnt it be simpler to plug the PS3 into the HDMI port? i read that if a monitor has a HDMI port, it will be HDCP compliant on the HDMI port. anyone can confirm this or explain why it wouldnt work? every site ive read doesnt mention anything about HDMI-HDMI. they only list HDMI-DVI, which i find odd.

thanks in advance :)

PS: wasnt sure which forum to place this on, so chose gaming as it seemed like the most appropriate. please move to the correct one if applicable.
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  1. It is is HDCP compliant if it has an HDMI input. So it should be no problem hooking up that monitor to the PS3.
  2. If your monitor has an HDMI input (mine does) you should have to do nothing more than plug in the HDMI cable from the PS3 to the monitor.
  3. awesome. thanks guys :)
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