DMC4 Gamepad issues

I’ve been playing it for a while now (level 19/20) and whilst my gamepad (Saitek Cyborg Rumble) is alright with it there is one big issue.

For some reason the game mixes up the gamepads buttons. These are in comparison to standard 360 buttons (which is works fine with - my bro has one).

A and B are switched
X and Y are switched
Shoulder buttons and triggers are switched (left switched with left and right with right)
Right stick isn’t picked up for moving view
Rumble doesn’t work

Whilst most of these can be dealt with the right stick is quite a problem, as the only way to move the view is with the triggers, but with Dante (who has more buttons needed than Nero) these are taken, so I have to resort to using the arrow keys or putting up with some annoying view angles! Oh, and the lack of rumble is annoying as it’s quite cool to have!

I have tried updating drivers but they were up to date and I have tried Saitek's X-Connect mode (which apparently makes the controller be seen as a 360 controller) and this didn’t do anything (although that has never worked so leads me to believe Saitek are just being a bit cr*p!).

Any suggestions? Whilst it doesn’t stop me playing I have noticed the right stick problem and lack of rumble in other games, like DiRT, (but not the button switching) and would like to try and fix it! It’s also not that the stick doesn’t work as from the control panel I can see that all the buttons are working.

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  1. Have you tried the other gamepad configurations to see of another one suits your controller better and solves the button switching problem? Can the profiles be edited at all? I have the game but never needed to do so, so I wouldn't know.

    As for rumble, it's expected as different controllers use different rumble mechanisms that apparently need support from the games you play. This is where the X360 controller (which I'm using) excels, IMO, because it is pretty much compatible with every GFW title out of the box and everything just works right, including rumble.
    With other controllers, rumble may or may not work, depending on whether the game properly supports it or not. It's the same with my Logitech Rumblepad 2; not all games support its rumble feature.

    Another thing you could try is a key mapping program such as Xpadder ( It's a great program, and is highly recommended.
    Perhaps you can use it to manually assign the buttons and configure the gamepad's controls if the other solutions don't work.
  2. Its not the key configurations, its actually lack of buttons because the right stick isnt picked up and the triggers are locked into view control (they can be used for other things as well but this means you do things when you change the view angle!).

    Im tempted to either get a 360 controller and try and sell mine on ebay, im sick of games not picking it up! But ill try that program before i do as it if works it would be nice because i would rather not lose money!

    Thanks for the advice.
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