Soul Caliber 4

ok, i haven't played the other games in this series but figured i'd try this out.

The yoda/darth vader ads appealed to me !

anyhow, i put it in... chose darth vader and played through "story mode" on the normal difficulty and was finished in about 10 minutes of slicing through enemies.

This seems like it could be a fun game to play w\ friends and if i was a teenager and had those i would possibly do that.

lots of moves too
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  1. You play Soul Caliber 4 online actually... single player is a thing of the past ...
  2. I liked it, naturally the storyline was a bit lame. But Soul Calibur was never a series built on ground breaking storylines, it was built from the ground up on Hardcore fighting. Online, i find that the responsiveness is significantly decreased, so i dont play it much online. In regard to Darth Vadar, I think he was over-hyped, but he's not too bad a power character.
  3. Cassandra is where it is at for me. Quick, can chain and juggle with the best of them and still puts out a decent amount of damage per hit. Can be unpredictable enough to keep opponents on their toes and dodges like a monkey. Easily my best character.

    I like the game a lot. We played it for weeks before we finally got tired of it... actually it was more a matter of beating the tower of souls going up and not getting anywhere going down and then Disgaea 3 coming out.
  4. yeah i heard the tower of souls is a bitch and i don't even play it. i was actually wondering the best way to farm gold to pimp out custom and existing characters because I want to have all the items you know
  5. Tower of souls is so hard, game makes me mad lol.

    It is in the best interest of my controllers and the life of my xbox that I just play it with friends when they come over.
  6. I know exactly what you mean.
    However, my determination was to at least try to get as many Items as I can to make a pretty cool character.
    They shouldn't have made this game too hard to get Items.
    It should be about just earnig the gold to buy them.
    I just can't get off floor 58 with the lizard men, because by the time you get through all that craziness from floor 54 with the Voldos, you have no life left to win.
    It's a bitch.
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