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Does anyone have any idea why Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life keeps crashing on me when i eat the strange mushroom to get in the Harvest Sprite's House? Its a brand new PAL copy, being played on an NTSC gamecube. Bad disk, or freeloader problem?
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  1. I dont have anything constructive to say, but "ate the strange mushroom to get to the harvest sprite's house" just made me Lol
  2. That probably means you have never played the game, which makes me wonder why you replied in the first place.
  3. Bring it back to where ever you got it from and exchange it.

    Sounds like a defect. does freeloader work on other games fine?

    My GF's does not crash, but its also the NTSC one.
  4. The thing is i got it from ebay, and it was sealed in plastic (brand new) and the cd doesnt have any apparent scratches i can find. Maybe i should clean it anyway?
  5. Why not just grab the NTSC game? they still have it in stores and its not expensive.
  6. Yea, thats what i did.
  7. I wasn't trying to insult you btw, I just found it funny taken out of context :p
  8. haha, i agree, i love harvest moon sounds like some "bad Shrrooooms" though.. haha
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