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Hi as i dont know much about computer's i want to know if its possible to build a computer for like 1000-1200 $ that can do elders scroll oblivion in full graphic and resolution 1280x1024 ?

anyone has an idea of how much i should pay to get an computer that can saticfie my needs?
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  1. Yes that can achieved easily with $1000 - $1200.

    Are you going to build it?
  2. If all you wanted is a PC that can run Oblivion (and not care about other games), than your budget should be 600$ MAX. Chances are, you could build a rig for 400$ if you build it yourself.

    But 1000$ would allow you to play any recent games at decent settings...including Crysis.
  3. yes i am going to build it, does it matter if i build or just buy one thats already made?
  4. and thx for the replys
  5. If you build it might be able to save a bit of money (perhaps a lot if you really take the time to follow the deals while making sure each piece of hardware is compatible with each other. i.e. Power supply vs videocard. etc.

    In a nut could go for a 7800 series or if you really want to max all mods, etc...then a 8800GT or equivalent with ATI for cheaper. Get a dualcore AMD processor rather than an Interl (again cheaper) with similar performance.

    Oblivion is aging and I wouldn't be surprised to see this game shine with a 7800GTX thou you might want to compare prices...go for 8800gt if prices are similar. As for the processor, you don't need to get a recent one but I would look online to see how much processing power Oblivion requires (which is higher than most would anticipate). You can make your decision from there. Get a good PSU...and you won't need more than 1 G of Ram...thou 2 would be better.

    Good luck.
  6. And if u want to avoid problems while gaming i would recomend that u go For Windows Xp 32bit.
  7. Heres a Rough idea what i'm gonna build for my brother once the motherboard arrives. I also own a simlar setup with some miner changes

    Motherboard: Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe with Wi-FI - $170*

    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600+ - $102*

    Video card: Saphire HD3870 - $130*

    RAM: OCZ Platinum RV2 DDR2 2GB Dual Channel RAM - $50*

    Power Supply: Thermaltake Purepower W0129RU - $105*

    HDD: Western Digital 250GB WD2500KS - $60

    DVD-R: ASUS Black 20X DVD+/-Rw with LightScribe - Retail - $36*

    Total $653

    All u need is to select Case, Mouse, and Keyboard if u don't have any of them

    * Prices shown are Retail Prices
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