4.2ghz stable gaming rig core i7 930 brand new everything

hey guys im selling my gaming rig, i just built it and its a beast as well as extremely quiet until you crank up the 95cfm fan. 1700obo

Motherboard: Asus P6TD Deluxe
Memory: Super Talent Chrome Series DDR3 6GB (3x2GB)(1600mhz)(7-7-7-20)
Processor: Intel Core i7 930 overclocked to 4.2ghz (stable, 24hrs in prime 95 max temp was 74C)
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D14 w/ extra 120mm 95cfm fan w/ speed controller (bestcooler evar!!!! better than H50 by far
Thermal Compound: Indigo Extreme TIM (Consistently 2-3C cooler than any other TIM)
Case: Cooler Master HAF 922 Midtower
Hard Drives: 2x Seagate 750gb 7200rpm HDDs in RAID 0 (1.5TB total space running twice as fast as a single drive)
Video Card: eVGA GT 220 1GB DDR3 w/ HDMI out, VGA out, DVI out
Fans: 200mm w/ RED LED Front, 200mm Top, 120mm Rear, 120mm Side, 40mm Northbridge, 1 140mm and 2 120mm fans on CPU.
Lan: Dual Gigabit
Audio: 7.1 Surround
Front Ports: 2x USB, 1x Fireware, 1x eSATA, Stereo Out, Mic In
Optical Drive: Samsung DVD-+RW w/ Lightscribe
Software: Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional x64, and many more
Warranties: Everything has a minimum of a year warranty on it

This computer is seriously the best you can get as far as air cooling, it could use a better video card setup but honestly thats its only downfall. I will guarantee everything on it for a month, after that you gotta go to the manufacturer. If anyone has any questions email me at

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  1. i7 OCed to 4.2GHz with a GT220 O_o
  2. lol ya, but honestly i never know what people want as far as video setups go, so i just put in an inexpensive card, this setup is ready for triple sli, or crossfirex
  3. What vcore is it stable at 4.2?
  4. 1.325

    i want to add that this is under the Intel recommended voltage of 1.35
  5. no one is interested! This rig is awesome, and brand new. Why have the risk of possibly getting a processor that will hit these kinds of numbers. Bump, and shoot me an offer.
  6. $200 bump
  7. WTF man, I could build that system brand new for around $500 less than what you're asking for it. I built a i7 HD5870 rig with a much better mobo (P6X58D Premium) for $1600, $100 less than what you're asking, but your rig has 220 graphics. Surely you aren't serious.

    I'll offer you $201 and give you a free bump.
  8. if your looking to part out for trades i have a bunch of liquid cooling parts im trying to get rid of....ill have a list on here later today but right now here is a sale thread
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