nForce2 memory configuration question


I am looking to put 1GB of memory on an nForce2 board. Is there any performance difference between the following configurations

1) 2 x 512 mb ddr

2) 2 x 256 mb ddr + 1 x 512 mb ddr

I have read that these boards work best with memory in 2 slots rather than one, but I have no understanding beyond that.

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  1. I think the rule of thumb when looking for performance is to use as few sticks as possible, and as you say with the Dual DDR, to use 2 sticks (one in each of the blue slots (=2&3)).

    It's also reccomended that you get DDR400 CAS 2 and run it at 333 CAS 2 for the moment. This gives you the upgrade path to the Barton core AXP with the same memory.

    I have the TWINX 1024LLPT (1G) from corsair it runs perfectly stable at 200 MHZ 6-2-2-2. Although I have it a 166 5-2-2-2 for my 2800+ cpu...

  2. to use dual channel you need 2 dimms.when you use 3 dimms on an nforce 2 board it uses them in single go for the 2 512s.

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  3. Hi Chad N

    I just ordered the new Twin X 1024-3200LL ram myself today, which in my understanding is 400 mHz. WhaT do you think of this ram? Is it good, and stable? You say to purchase the 400 and turn it down to 333 2-2-2-5, so that is possible in the bios? Can u run it at 400, and keep the 2-2-2-5 cas latency, or when running it at the pc 3200 400 mHz setting, do you have to run it at 2-2-2-6? Would that be unstable to keep it at 400 MHZ but lower it to 2-2-2-5?

    I would really like to go 400 MHZ 2-2-2-5.

    Thanks for your time.


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  4. Here's a <A HREF="" target="_new">link</A> from nvidia website:


    Features of DualDDR Memory Architecture include:

    Highest memory bandwidth: DualDDR combines the power of DDR400 with two independent memory controllers, which yields a staggering 6.4GB per second of memory bandwidth—twice the memory bandwidth of other DDR400 chipsets. Increased memory bandwidth delivers better system and graphics performance, resulting in more overall productivity.

    Lowest latency: Both memory controllers operate concurrently with each other to hide latencies associated with typical chipsets. For example, controller "A" reads or writes to main memory while controller "B" prepares for the next access, and vice versa. As important is the second-generation DASP (Dynamic Adaptive Speculative Pre-processor), which has been re-architected for improved performance.

    Most stable and flexible memory system: End-users can now populate higher density DIMMs, up to 1GB each, to utilize the entire 3GB memory address map. This large memory map allows more applications, audio and video streams to coexist without conflict.

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  5. That really doesnt answer any of my questions.... Anybody have a say on this?

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  6. it really depends how good your ram is (i have never heard of twin x) and what motherboard you have.for example i have all those timing options available to me on my abit nf7-s nforce 2.if you have the options in your bios all you have to do is go by trial and error.try all the timings and speeds you mention and see if it works-use memtest to check it.

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  7. Twin X is the newest N force2 supported memory out from corsair. I have an Asus A7N8X mobo.

    For all you peeps out there that are having issues with your A7N8X and matching up compatible ram , you should check it out.

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  8. Rob (Trixta),

    I really like the memory. I like the fact that is it tested in an A7n8X board at low latency settings. I ran it at 200 Mhz 6-2-2-2 (memory rated settings) to test it only - and it ran perfectly fine at that. Then I dropped back to 166 to keep it in sync. with the CPU FSB. From what I hear with a 333 FSB cpu, the fastest performance is when the memory is also at 333, not 400.

    Then I raised my FSB to 170, memory 100% to overclock.

    If I get the barton core AXP (fsb=200) I will put it back at 200. I didn't try 200 5-2-2-2 but it might work. Every stick is different. It's possible at 333 I could go even to maybe 3-2-2-2 but I prefer some stability assurance :)

    The LL (Low Latency) is not that much more expensive than the regular latency, and I've found buying the TwinX is a few dollars less than two sticks alone. Oh yeah, the PT (platinum heat spreader) versions really look cool but it's all the same memory.

    My sanda (old 2001 version) memory scores are more than double my KT266A (shuttle ak31 w/266 ddr) mobo scores. weeeee

    PS. I got my memory from MarkOneComputers.Com after using pricewatch. Tried googlegear but their shopping cart server kept crashing and made me mad. $400 lost to them :)

  9. One more thing, I have one stick in each blue slot. I have read this is the only way to enable dual channel ddr. Apparently the manual is in error about that.

  10. Can you just run one stick in an nforce2 board? or is it like old simm where you have to match it up?
  11. You should be fine with one stick, but it will run in single channel mode. From what I hear the dual channel only provides a small boost under certain cases anyway.

  12. Hi Chad N

    Thank you for your reply on this issue, I really appreciate it. I am expecting my ram will arrive this monday. i am getting the same ram as you have. I know , as you said, running synchronous has a performance advantage, but what if you run your ram 400 mHz, then increase your cpu to 400 mHz fsb, then you will be running synchronous again, so rather then 333, you will be running 400 fsb all around. In my mind , i see that as being 400 Mhz fsb, but still being able to choose synchronous in the bios. What happens if you are not running synchronous, but you choose synchronous in the bios? Does that screw things up? I guess in the instance of the A7N8X , that board wants to run 333 fsb synchronous, so anything above or below that it will not recognize as synchronous even if it it is 400 memory / 400 cpu???

    Thanks for your time.


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  13. The bios is the only place to change the memory settings. In the bios you would set the memory to synchronous and set the fsb to 166/333 normally for an XP2600+ or greater. If you overclock by increasing your fsb and your memory is still set to synchronous in the bios then your memory will run at the same speed as your fsb.

    If you have an XP2600+ and you overclock the fsb to 200/400 you will have to decrease the CPU multiplier. You can't necessarily ramp your fsb to 200/400 without any consequences.

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  14. Yep I agree with Paul,

    I think you will be looking for trouble getting your FSB up to 200. I think others have done it but I think it's a rare few.

    I didn't bother to try my memory at 400 5-2-2-2 but I suspect it would probably work OK. Just remember it's rated at 6-2-2-2.

    After having an Epox 7KXA board a while back that would blue screen no matter how conservative I set it (couldn't even run 133 memory at 133!) I learned to appreciate a modest overclock-with-stability combination. My system is very fast, but it also can run all day and not crash. It's a nice feeling :)

    My only real 'mod' is that I took a muffin fan the size of a CD (.4 amp!) and bored a 5 inch hole in the top of my case. The fan pulls any hot air out the top right above my cpu/memory. I'm surprised they put fans in cases everywhere except where the heat *wants* to go -- out the top! Inside my case barely gets above room temp...course it sounds a little loud but hey :)

  15. One additional note. I have bios 1002 beta 1. It no longer has a 'synchronous' setting. I am assuming that 100% is the same as synchronous.

  16. Corsair has ddr pc3500 that runs at 433 but not a processor to hold at the 433 fsb?

  17. I was planning on getting a watercooling system, so i figured that I could easily push my fsb up to 200, with my 400 mHz ram and could run synchronous. I have heard stories of guys pushing it up to 180 fsb with air cooling so....

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  18. I have a fan on the top of my case also. It's just an 80mm one. The air exhaust from it is warmer than the fan on the back of my case. Of course the powersupply exhaust is the warmest.

    If you look at a case it makes sense. Nowadays the power supplies have an intake on the bottom and exhaust on the back. The case fan on the back is below the power supply. So there is nothing to exhaust the hot air that rises around the CD/DVD ROM/RW. I think a top exhaust fan will become more popular. All my fans are turned down to reduce noise also.

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  19. What CPU are you getting?

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  20. I am going to get an AMD Athlon XP 2800, that is if it ever becomes available for sale near me!!! I hate when intel and amd "paper release" a cpu. Its total BS!

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  21. why spend all that money on a 2800 when i am running my 2400 @ 166X13.5= 2800 speed perfectly stably and under air cooling-just a volcano 7+ and two case fans-one intake on the front and an exhaust at the back?

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  22. Well if he has a 2800+ he starts where you are and can go up from there. Nice job of overclocking. :smile:

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  23. true.but the price difference is huge.

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  24. yea, maybe he should spread some of the money around. :smile:

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  25. but, i suppose if i had had the money, i would have bought a 2700 or 2800 (if it ever appears!). long as i could still have afforded my nf7-s and two sticksof 256mb cas2 pc2700 as well
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  26. Hey!

    As much as I figure, you only live once, and if your comp is going to be your baby, instead of going half assed, you might as well do it right the first time. Hell, I just blew 750 dollars on that corsair twin X 1024 ddr 3200. I might as well blow another huge chunk of cash on the cpu. What is the point of buying one high bandwidth peice of hardware and slowing it down by being cheap and buying a real slow cpu?

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  27. damn right!i am a poor university student and yet i just spent £350 ($575) on my abit nf7-s, xp 2400 and 2X256mb Twinmos pc2700's all about priorities.

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  28. Yep, that's why grocery store sell Ramen noodles five for a dollar. Get the hardware and skip the pizza...or mooch off someone. Muhaha.

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