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Best Free Online MMO

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August 16, 2008 3:16:40 PM

What do you think is the best free online MMO I think its Sword of the New World, the graphics and game play (multi character control) are amazing there is the cash aspect but you do not need it to have fun. So what do you think is the best Free MMO?

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August 18, 2008 9:32:52 PM

One of my favourite still existing free MMO games is Navy Field. It's a real-time "massive multiplayer online tactics simulation game" and might be the only MMO of that genre so far. It has some slight similarities to the old Mech Commander and Command & Conquer games. The objective is to defeat the opposite team. Each player in each team controls one ship and there can be up to 64 players in each team. Battles are played in real-time and cooperation with other players can often be important for the outcome of the battle.

When you play battles, the sailor commanding your ship (called "Bridge Operator") gets experience points and starts to advance in levels. When bridge operator gets to level 12, you can choose between USA, Great Britain, Germany and Japan. Each nation has its own strengths/weaknesses and ships. Altogether there are probably 50-80 different ships in the game. There are six types of ships in the game: frigates, destroyers, light cruisers, heavy cruisers, battleships, airplane carriers and submarines. There are also APA boats for a special game mode in which a fleet tries to bring ground troops and invade a harbor of another fleet. There is only one class of submarines and APA ships for each nation, but 2-5 different classes of each type of other ship. USA, for instance, have their lowest class battleships at lvl 54-61 and the strongest battleships at lvl 103 and 120. There are also many other types of sailors and they get experience too. For example, to be able to use the weakest battleship guns (for weakest battleships), your gunners need to gain lvl 55+. The biggest guns (triple 16" - 20" guns for the biggest battleships) require lvl 100+ gunners. A similar principle applies to other sailors. All in all, there are bridge operators. gunners, engineers, repair men, restorers, torpedo men, medics, scout/fighter/torpedo bomber/dive bomber pilots, sonar and dive officers for submarines, and special forces/paratroopers for APA boats or cargo airplanes assaulting harbors.

There are three main types of game play in Navy Field depending on whether you use torpedoes, cannons or airplanes as your primary weapon. If you use guns, you use mouse to sail the ship and A/D buttons to turn guns left/right and W/D buttons to adjust the angles of the guns. The challenge is to learn the right angles for the guns to be a very accurate gunner. Airplane carriers have a slightly different interface. The challenge is to learn how to manage your airplane squads. Submarine has its own interface too. They carry powerful torpedoes and can dive underwater for short periods of time, but they can be detected by frigates, destroyers and light cruisers equiped with a sonar man.

Navy Field is free but you can buy premium items for real money. The game is very addictive. Some people have already spent thousands of dollars on the game. An interesting observation I've made in NF is that it's quite easy to get some of the premium stuff even if you don't spend any real money on the game yourself. For instance, if you are patient, you can roll yourself a bunch of engineers or fighter pilots with good relevant abilities, then train them with free account to lvl 60 and then sell or trade to someone for sailor(s) with premium items worth 10-50$. In a year or two of active playing you can easily accumulate stuff for which some guy(s) had payed 50-200$ in the game's premium item store. At that point you will become completely competitive even against players who have spent lots of money on the game. The only exception is fighter pilots. You really need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on your fighter pilots to make them top aces. You can still play with an airplane carrier even if you don't buy anything for real money, but then it's best to avoid powerful enemy fighter planes (you can use bombers and send your crappy fighter pilots against enemy scouts and bombers).

Navy Field Intro animation:
Navy Field in-game video (what a typical battle looks like):