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I just built a new rig with a GA-8IHXP main board. The Bios Hangs for a good minute on boot. Main Bios screen just sits there way to long. On a cold boot the bios appears to be searching for network drive to boot from and fails on boot. No drives found error......However if I give the three finger salute and hot boot it goes right into windows XP, with no problems. I Flashed the bios with most recent update. There is no 'Boot from Network' selected in the boot order.........> Machine runs flawlessly in windows.

Running a single wd800jb on ide 1 master......

It almost seems that the bios is taking forever to reconize the keyboard.....maby not.....very strange indeed. Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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  1. FIRST- Make sure that you have verbose mode on in the BIOS. Reload BIOS defaults (no, not 'optimum' or 'Performance'). Now, it may be labeled as 'Quick Boot' or some such. Just make sure that's off. If left on, it causes the BIOS to skip hardware POST's.

    Okay, two things you can do, both are standard troubleshooting- reload BIOS defaults and see if that cures it. If not then take everything out of it except the video card (yes, even the floppy) and see if boot times are normal, then start adding things back, one at a time. When you get to the compnent that causes it to hang, then you know what you're dealing with.

    If it hangs with BIOS defaults loaded (and NOT changed), and nothing in but the video card, then look to the video card or RAM. If it detected a RAM problem, but you have verbose bootup turned off, you might never find out.

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