Is this computer good for gaming?

Hey i decided wich computer i am gonna buy, my friend helped me to pick the hardware i dont even know what they are hehe.

i was just wondering if the hardware below is enough to do oblivion in full graphic with all maxed out, and also to do crysis with high settings and descent resolution?? anyone has an idea please help a newbie

Core 2 Duo E8500 6 MB (Intel Boxed)
Club 3D HD 4870
Corsair TX650W
OCZ Platinum 2 x 2 GB
Samsung SpinPoint F1 HD252HJ 250gb
Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3P
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  1. That should be enough to max out oblivion and play crysis at high detail settings.
  2. you can max any game you buy with that, no worries.
  3. You lucky thing!
  4. Oblivion will be a thing of wonder, you'll love it. Crysis is a real GPU hog, you will have enuff GPU/CPU to do Crysis well, not 100% on everything.

    Oblivion will be awesome, and try Mass Effect after Oblivion.

    Get an aftermarket HS for the GPU/CPU and overclock both too, about $120 more for high quality HS. Thermalright is what I recommend, and have used. The TRUE for the CPU and the HR03 for the GPU. Very quiet too.

    Ohh yea, a case...... the Antec 900 is a popular air cooling case, just a suggestion.

    Read up at xtreme forums and OC forums in the Air cooled area for some real OC insight.
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