Star Trek Online

This game cancelled?

Sounds fun, but I have heard mixed stuff about the beta. Hopefully it doesnt play like- Destroy 10 Nimwit ships then return the salvage wrecks for 10 Latinum bars. Thought the idea of piloting a ship and questing on planets similar to the original Star Trek. Deep Space Nine was excellent, Next Generation had some good stories too. Anyone else heard of the game or played the beta? Read Friday it was cancelled and on Thursday it was almost done.
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  1. Looks like it should be cancelled. There are some things I don't think translate into games well and this is one of them.

    It would be a copy of Eve online for the space parts and not as good and a copy of something like the new space seige and not as good ( and thats not very good either )

    Its a doomed formular trying to score points solely on the franchise.

    The voyager FPS was the only good startrek game to ever grace a computer.
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