Wait until Intels Larrabee to build new gaming system?

Hello Everyone I would really like to build a new system this fall just in time for Warhammer online; however, I am on the fence due to Intels larrabee. From the various articles I have read it will "revolutionize" pc gaming. But no one knows what the requirements will be for larrabee (CPU/GPU) so whatever I buy now,== may no longer work by the time its released.

I figure worst case scenario if I buy now and assuming I do have to replace would be buying a new motherboard, ram possibly, GPU, CPU and everything else would be backwards compatible (speakers, tower, monitor etc). Although that would still be a considerable amount of money to replace the fore mentioned components I could still re use parts of my "old" system. And this is of course assuming larrabee does meet/exceed expectations & needs a new motherboard, and even if it does it will most likely be awhile before the new technology is utilized especially since the pc gaming sector is considered "dead" by so many (of course I dont adhere to that argument).

So what do you guys think, build in Fall 08 or wait until late 2009 or 2010 for larrabee.Many Thanks
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  1. wait until you actually want the system, then check what is available - there is always something "just round the corner"
  2. Yeah might be a good idea to get something good now and then see how the whole nehalm & Larabee thing goes. After all a E8xxx or a good Quad and a GTX260/280 will run everything there is at the moment anyway and then when the new stuff comes out you can let others do the bug testing for you and buy when the system has matured and prices have lowered.

    Unless of course you need to have the very latest in everyyhing where speed is king and cost is not an issue! ;-)
  3. Larrabee is a PCI-E card, so you can swap it in later if you want it. Personally, i think its gonna tank, but thats just me.
  4. I think in the end, you will want to wait till about 6months or so after larrabee is released so you can see what all the companies release after all the competition in the market. So thast like 1.5-2 years away almost... i think? id just build a system now
  5. cmf0106 said:
    So what do you guys think, build in Fall 08 or wait until late 2009 or 2010 for larrabee.Many Thanks

    If you don't want a new system yet then wait; if you want a new system, then don't wait.

    I mean you're talking a minimum of a year until Larrabee hits - AMD and Nvidia both are going to have new graphics cards in that time span as well; I really wouldn't hold your breath for anyone.
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