I need a good wireless gaming mouse

Alright here's the deal. I've been a G7 user for about 2-3 years. In this time I've had 4 broken ones (including the one that broke today). On the Logitech forums, I come to find out that the issue I have with the G7 is a very widespread problem and that they have an RRoD type failure rate. Now I sold my Xbox after the 3rd RRoD, so I'm getting rid of this mouse too.

The question is, what wireless mouse can produce the kind of performance the G7 does? I'd like to not go with Logitech, due to the horrible experience with the G7 mouse (although the G5 I have is 3 years old). Are there any other gaming mice companies that make a wireless mouse? Thanks for any input.
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  1. I recommend the wired Logitech MX400... because wired mouses don't have latency.

    Why do you need wireless?
  2. I got the G7 but I bought a instant product replacement for $20. So when mine goes I just walk into the store and get a new one right away.

    Exon, I don't notice a single bit of lag on my mouse at all and it took allot of time before I got brave enough to move to wireless. Hell I remember a time where I wouldn't move to a lazer mouse over my ball mouse due to the responsiveness of the lazer. No lag that is apparent to me at all.
  3. Out of curiosity, why does it have to be wireless? I've never used one myself, but have often heard friends over vent/teamspeak say "oh ****, i need to recharge my mouse". I mean...what is the point? :)
  4. Its easier to handle as you dont have a wire pulling on the end of your mouse, which can become annoying for some people.

    Thats why I went wireless for at least the last 10 years.

    Its also nice to have a "computer remote" if i'm watching a DvD on the pc and I don't want to be within a few feet of the screen.
  5. The wire pulling was the reason I moved to wireless and the Logitech G7 comes with 2 batts so one batt can be in your charging dock at all time so you never have a dead mouse.
  6. Doesn't having a battery in it make it heavier too? I guess it is all personal taste but for me I'll stick with a mouse that I can't lose :)
  7. So does anyone have any ideas as to another good wireless mouse? If you check out Logitech's forums, you'll see tons and tons of complaints specifically dealing with the same problem I've had on all three mice (Now including the newest one).

    It will disconnect from the base for a few seconds (signified by it going down to the default DPI on the LED indicator) and then resume working. It randomly does it, so it could happen and then 30 seconds later it will happen, or it could take up to 10-20 minutes for it to happen again.

    The Logitech support crew acknowledges this problem without question and will replace it without much hassle, but it's becoming a nuisance now, because I have to go back to my G5 every time it happens.

    By the way, the reason that I use a wireless mouse is because my computer is about 8 feet away from where I sit, so it'd be a pain in the ass to have wires running all over the place, when you want a nice HTPC style setup.

    Anyways, anyone know of any other wireless mouse that can hit 2000 DPI or higher?

    And for those touting their wired mice, the G7 is amazingly responsive. I can't tell the difference between my G7 or G5, besides the fact that one has wires and the other doesn't.
  8. Go for an MX Revolution.
    Just got mine its the world most advanced mouse.
    It is made for the hand as it is very ergonomic.
    Played Crysis with it since yesterday when I received it.
    I just love it....
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