Sims 2 on Vista 64 bits on laptop

I hope someone here will be able to help me. Here is my problem: I can't run the Sims 2 and expansion pack on my laptop. You may want to know the specs:

HP dv2818ca
Intel pentium DUAL Core 1.73 ghz T2370
3 gb
250 gb hard disk drive
Vista home Premium 64 bits
Mobile Intel 965 Express chipset family

I installed all the game and the expansion packs and it went fine. I downloaded all the patches. The problem is when I want to play, the game freezes on the loading bar but I can hear the music tho. Then I have no choice but to CTRL ALt DeL everything, it says Not responding then I shut the game down.

But here's the deal: my sister has a Sony Vaio bought in January, same graphic card, 2 gb of ram, 160 gd hard disk drive but her CPU is a Core 2 duo T5750 I believe, but still runs it with Windows Vista (dont know if it is the 32 ou 64 bits version)

My question is: why is this game freezing on my laptop and not on hers? I event tried the compatibility mode in XP.

I really need help!
Thank you
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  1. Because the IGP is very bad for gaming and you're CPU is probably much inferior to your sisters, meaning it can't pick up the slack.
  2. The 965 Express and your CPU should be able to run the game. The Sims 2 is not that demanding from what I've seen.

    Did you try to run the game before install each expansion pack?

    If all else fails reinstall the game and run Sims 2 before installing the expansion packs to make sure it runs properly.
  3. Try reinstalling it WITHOUT updates.

    I can play Sims 2 on a VIA Unichrome (noticeably low quality tho...@ 800x640).

    Update your graphics drivers too!

    See what happens...
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