what is causing reboots during program installs?

I have a dual boot system (2k pro/xp pro) where a problem has developed with win2k. Being a new pc, I began to start installing apps including norton's antivirus, zonealarm(v4.5) office etc and got upto about 10 or 15 installs when the computer started to reboot. This happens only when I start to install programs. If I don't install anything then win2k runs along without a glitch, it is only during the process of installing that the reboots occur and it does not matter what is being installed. I am not talking about the normal reboots that happens after an installation has been completed because the installation never gets to the finished stage. Could this be a fault of the Windows installer?
I formated the 2k partition and reinstalled it and yet again the problem resurfaces after about 10 or 15 installs.
I can't understand this as the xp partition is running along smoothly with the same hardware.
What could be causing this?
mainboard = is7 cpu = p4 3.0GHz
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  1. Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc) should list what caused errors.

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  2. Wow that is a very useful little tool. Sadly I don't understand it enough yet to find it useful but will definitely look into or future use.
    I have disabled Norton's antivirus and zonealarm and have managed to install a small application so I'm going to be following that line of reasoning in my fault search.
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