Baldur's Gate III? Dragon Age Preview

Preview by Rob Wright

Dragon Age: Origins is BioWare's spiritual successor to the classic fantasy RPG Baldur's Gate II. Tom's Games gets a look at Dragon Age and tries out the game's combat system.
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  1. Will it be available on PC or only on consols?

    A PC Gamer
    (I actually by my games)
  2. Foe said:
    Will it be available on PC or only on consols?

    A PC Gamer
    (I actually by my games)

    Early 2009 (spring/summer) on PC, later on consoles.
  3. Woops, forgot about that part (thanks Stemnin).

  4. Thanks Stemnin and that is a relief to know.

  5. Saw some gameplay/cutscene vids, looks good, but i'm going to hold my breath, I was slightly unimpressed with Mass Effect (combat sucked, and my sense of right and wrong is skewed, I tell some guy that it's ok to get treatment for a drug addiction and I get renegade points? wtf?).
  6. I have exactly one question. What flavor of DRM will this accost me with? I have been tracking this game with fanboyish excitement until the whole Mass Effect PC game DRM thing. Now I am seriously worried that I won't be able to buy this game either due to the same issue.
  7. Seeing as how I grew up with the Baldur's Gate series I'll have to buy this game. The graphics aren't too impressive but the combat system screams old school to me. Hopefully Bioware *cough* EA *cough* won't produce a flop.

    Spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate = Brownie Points
  8. I miss the Infinity Engine.
  9. Sadly, im not that excited. I have been waiting for a new BG game for ages and I have never liked the nwn games. However im not so sure I like the sound of their new alignment system. Three different types, seems simplistic like mass effect was. Personally that was my biggest let down in MS, although the conversations were not bad, the choice to question was not nearly diverse or nuanced enough. It was basically good, neutral (usualy does what good does), or be a jerk. This was a huge step back from games like KOTOR and the older BG games. Personally I like to either evil or chaotic good or neutral. I really dont like it when games simmer being evil down to being a homicidal jackass. Most evil is successful because they are good at manipulating others and making them think you are on their side. Sometimes I have this feeling in the back of my head that they watered it down for the console market.

    Another thing is, personally I enjoy playing the forgotten realms universe. There is already so much detail in every aspect of it that I can definitely get a feeling of time and place. Alot of fantasy games can be a bit generic, usually some sort of knock off on the d&d or tolkien. So if given the choice I would rather go with a world thats already fleshed out nicely. Its really been since bg 2 since I have really gotten into a FR game, I never liked nwn and never cared to play the console games based on the world. Im sure I will buy the game though when it comes out, I hope it is good
  10. Not a chance in hell I'll be buying this game without a multiplayer component. They've had literally years (my originial copy of nwn1 had a promo ad for this on the back of it's game guide) to complete this title, and in all that time, multiplayer would have been an obvious choice. NeverwinterNights has had their largest community following Ever, and infact might be the largest community following ever to grace a game that wasnt mmo. They should have taken a page out of their own book and made this game playable for the next 7 years(nwn), instead of just the next 8 to 10 months. I will not be buying this game. I'm better off investing my time into NWN2. *Shudders*
  11. I didn't like NWN. I liked BG2 far more. I really want this game, but DRM could easily be a sticking point for me.
  12. I also was not a HUGE fan of NWN. Played to a point, but then gave up. With BG2 I was forced to give up due to a bad disc. /fail

    On the topic of D+D: Icewind Dale 1 + 2, another slight letdown compared to the mastery of BG2. Loved making up my party of adventurers, thinking of certain personalities and such, but then remembered that they are still effectively faceless in terms of the story, due to the nature of creating an entire party. Hence I didn't enjoy it too much, but have often gone back to the games simply to make a party, not to play the game.
  13. Black Isle Studios =/= Bioware.

    Icewind Dale was a Black Isle game, they also published BG titles (with Interplay) for Bioware.
  14. infornography42 said:
    I didn't like NWN. I liked BG2 far more. I really want this game, but DRM could easily be a sticking point for me.

    Yeah, the SecuROM deal for Mass Effect was truly disappointing, especially after I did this interview with BioWare:
    Check out what the said about piracy and how to deal with it. It wasn't DRM.

    Now that BioWare is part of EA, I have a feeling that Dragon Age and all future titles will have some type of copy protection attached to the games. The only hope is that EA comes to its senses and doesn't resort to something like SecuROM.
  15. I could accept securom, I don't like it but I could accept it, if there were no limited installs or phoning home after the install. I am willing to activate it online every time I install it but I will not accept the "well if you run out of activations, just call our support line and we might give you more decided on a case by case basis". NO! That is a rental scheme, not a purchase and I will not pay full purchase price for what amounts to a rental.
  16. I still have the BG series installed and I'm actively playing them, it took me over three years to run through the series the first time I played...I still get lost in the whole experience, the infinity engine is surprisingly interesting still to this day and Jeremy Soule's music stands the test of time.

    What I like most about RPGs, beyond upgrading equipment (who doesn't like that?) is flexibility in NPC management. Give me scripts to help me focus on important things in combat rather than reloading or other unnecessary actions and rules regarding NPCs use of ammunition and spells and special abilities.

    The Infinity engine had wonderful character scripts such as always having your thief either be stealthy or searching for traps (How that saved me countless times) which is pretty straightforward to the more complex multi-class scripts which combine ranged attacks/melee/spells in the choice of options. I found myself too often changing scripts, wishing the process was either eaiser or even more powerful, but still using them to their fullest.

    Epic NPC side quests are also what I like - a game-long side story for each major NPC. That way each time you reply the game you get to enjoy a whole new game-long story. You can even choose a player character based on the character you are choosing to follow their story through, as an excuse to play characters you might not normally try. No matter how much I want to, I just can't find a reason to play as a Bard. A bard-based NPC side quest would be a fine reason.

    About this copy protection crap, as a paying customer I'd like to say unless you screw this title up you've got my money and no scheme is going to prevent copying or force people to pay who can Try giving securom a rest and ask the warez community if they would please be so kind as to not distribute a crack until your sales taper off. How much does securom cost you guys by the way? You get to add that to the bottom line too.

    Once the sales taper off, you then release the inevitable expansion pack and remove all copy protection from the original executable, however only verified copies will get further patches and downloads from that point on. For the people that did not play ball, the also inevitable *second* patch will only work on validated copies. The first patch? That's a freebie, every one gets that as penance for your rushed production.

    Everybody wins: people who can afford and will buy do..they get a non intrusive product. Warez guys still get to try and crack your official download only scheme in the future and they get some measure of respect, people who can't afford your game get might a pirate copy eventually or they might buy, certainly knowing you aren't treating them like a criminal from the beginning of the business transaction helps and paying customers don't feel ripped off since they have exclusive content available they don't have to jump through warez hoops to get.

    I still hate you EA. you are everything that is wrong with the 'PC games as mini-Hollywood' mindset.
  17. This is turning into another DRM thread? Yawn.
  18. llama_man said:
    This is turning into another DRM thread? Yawn.

    Well, I'm sorry but it is pretty much the biggest issue in gaming these days. If you want the thread to be about something other than DRM, might I suggest bringing up an issue on the topic of Dragon Age that you would like to discuss?

    My position at this point is I cannot preorder anything by EA and probably won't purchase it either due to their DRM philosophy. It makes me sad, but they have crossed the line and I won't give in.
  19. It is a major issue, and that's why there are so many threads already. I think as a forum though, when we are discussing a particular game we should just state what DRM a game has, and then move onto the specifics of the gameplay itself. There's plenty enough discussion of the various DRM methods on other threads without replicating the same arguments every time.
  20. I would agree, but the DRM is currently an unknown quantity on this game to my knowledge. Part of the reason of bringing it up is the hope that someone has more details regarding that. Part of it is to hope that previews and reviews of games start to at least mention the DRM in the future. And part of it is to remind others that this is indeed an EA game and therefore this could be a concern to them as well.

    As I said, if you would rather discuss a different aspect of this game, then bring up that aspect and we will discuss it.
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