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Hey all,

I recently purchased Gears of War for the PC. Its a pretty sweet game, and yesterday I finished Act II. When I started Act III, it ran smoothly, until just after the second cutscene, where the team splits into two groups, and Fenix goes all "Im the leader do what I say". Anyways, after that, the game minimized and I got a C++ error, this has happened a few times with other games, so I chose to close the program, then restart it, no biggie. Well now every time I even try to play the game, after it gets to the loading screen, it freezes, and the buzz sound that says something isnt working right happens. I'm pretty sure its likely the same C++ error, but not 100% because I am stuck on the loading screen. I tried ALT+Tab, ALT+F4, and CTRL+ALT+DEL and none of them allowed me to return to windows. The only way I can return to windows is manually restarting the computer with the power button.

Does anybody know why this happens? Every other forum I've looked at people freeze in the same place, but those were all six months ago. Does anybody know where I can find a patch or a crack or a hack or something? This is a pretty sweet game and I'd like to be able to finish it since I bought it.

NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
intel Pentium D 3.00
Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2
I also tried to redownload and install Visual C++, but that didnt help either

Thanks for the help

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  1. you HAVE tried google for a patch I presume?
  2. yes , and i checked gamershell too
  3. I'm sorry to say this, but I'd avoid the PC version of Gears of War all together if possible. I purchased it when it came out and suffered with A LOT more issues than I did playing the 360 version of the game.
  4. I dont have a 360, and dont really intend to get one...thanks for the advice though, maybe somebody else will not make the same mistake
  5. Tried looking on fileplanet? Might be a patch there.
  6. fileplanet has a patch, but im a cheap college kid and dont want to pay for it...thanks tho
  7. found a patch that looked the same as the fileplanet one, still epic fail
  8. How long have you had your PC???

    I had the same error with GEARS OF WAR and other games and found that it was my current overclock that was unstable...After some time the PC just refused to boot due to data corruption. Not saying this is the same problem but it might be time to reinstall windows xp for a FRESH start on life.

    I do it about every 2 months or so. It takes about 20min on my PC and doesn't really bother me doing it ever now and then. Sometimes there is just to much crap installed on my PC so FORMAT time...

    Problem is gone and I haven't updated my GEARS OF WAR at all. Oh and I played it on XBOX 360...PC version is a little better when it comes to LOAD times and textures...Gears of war on the 360 was buggy. I fell out of the level about 6 times and sometimes the textures don't refresh properly so they get stuck looking like CLAY...

    Hope this helps
  9. Gears of War for the PC is broken. I have NEVER had so much trouble with a PC game. It has some sort of stupid conflict with Power DVD, as well as some antispyware, etc. I have installed it numerous times, and after a few hours of gameplay, I inevitably end up having it crash, claim dll files are missing, etc. etc. etc. I have a fairly powerful system and can run Crysis and Oblivion at high settings. No other software has given me this much trouble. That said, the gameplay up until the inevitable fatal crash, was loads of fun. Too bad the programing sucks.
  10. Gears of War in general is a broken game. I never had issues with it again when I reinstalled windows but I have a couple of PC's in a internet cafe and generally my one that runs games has nothing on it but games. I use other ones for internet or so on.
    But I am kinda a freak when it comes to keeping my computers tidy. I like to reinstall windows a lot to keep everything fresh and fast rather than have a million things installed and wait for the eventual crash or missing files.

    But you have to remember coding for n PC is much harder than coding for a console...Console hardware doesn't change for at least 5 years. PC hardware changes every 6-12 months.

    So just when you think you got everything done something faster or more efficient comes out. Thats why you wait for the patch.
  11. I've had my PC for a little more than a year, but windows XP for about 6 months. I'm not overclocking anything, so I dont think that would be an issure either. Thanks for the advice

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