Wow Randomly Crashing (hard lockups)

Hey , im not sure if this is the right place to post this, but after the awful assistance (actually no help at all) I got from blizzard , decided to try in here since you guys know a lot about comps... and i dont lol

Just like the thread says, random lock ups. Brand new comp , can run cod4 just fine , pe2008 too (require way more stuff than wow both of these games). but wow will just crash. I can play for a while but it will eventually lock up and il be obligated to manually turn off the comp.
Theres no error identified after the restart, no error at all. If anyone can help me or has been through this plz help me out , its actually a serious preoblem that has been going on with wow lately for a lot of ppl, but blizzard will just erase the threads from ppl who is going through this issue. Things ive tried so far : Temperatures are perfect , Ram is fine , vid card is fine with the other games, latest drivers for everything. I mean i cant seem to find whats wrong , a technician checked it and didnt found anything wrong. If someone can help me out il be happy to give you my comp info, dx diag and anything else you need.

Thanks in advance
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  1. It has happened to me occasionally too. I havent played WoW in a while, but when it happened to me before, i just let it sit a couple days, usually it was after they had just added in a new patch and it was still a little buggy.
  2. The thing is ... some people has been waiting since wow was released lol
    this crashes are random on time ... but they will always happen making the game unplayable.
    thanks for posting
  3. have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling?
  4. yes i have .. ive checked absolutely evrything hardware or software related... and guessing from the amount of ppl with brand new comps experiencing this id say is on wow's end. they say new systems + Nvidia Vid card = messed up wow.
  5. That sucks man, sorry to hear that. I wish you luck in the future

  6. now im having the same full hard lock ups with the witcher and with oblivion
    help please :(
  7. are you getting any kind of error message?
  8. This same thing happens to me, except in in COD4. I am running the new Nvidia drivers, the 177.92 and the game runs great. Then it will just freeze and i will have to manually boot.

    I have a guess that it may be slightly heat related. If i run my fans at 80%, I havent had a crash yet. If they are lower than that, I start to see crashes. Sometimes there are random little stutters as well.

    I really dont know why it does that, but my best guess is heat and driver related.

    I had the 175.19 drivers before this and it was happening then as well.
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