Wait until Intel i7 for new gaming PC?

Hello everyone, I made a post a few days ago about possible waiting for the intels larrabee but the wait is far too long. Im thinking a more realistic wait would be to hold out for intels i7 processor coming out here in October. Based on what you guys have seen/read, do you think it would be worth the wait. Alternatively I could start building in September.
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  1. I suspect the best thing that will come from I7 is lower prices on penryn, and there is always something coming round the corner, but i say unless you really feel the need for it yet, don't bother.
  2. Well isnt the i7 Intels next true leap in technology? You will probably need a new MOBO socket type just to accommodate this chip, plus its supposed to go handin hand with larrabee (if that lives up to expectations). Besides the intel i7 is a step above the quadcores right now. And to answer your question, no I dont feel a pressing need for the i7 now; however, I would like to "futureproof" my new system as much as possible.
  3. Might has tons of flaws to it.
  4. i7 will be great but thats because it is being tweaked and then tweaked some more. ETA October 2009 not this year!! Even then it will be pricey at launch. I am not sure it will accelerate games much but who knows... The increased IPC and lower RAM->CPU latency can't hurt!!

  5. Hi cmf,

    - i7 is not due on the personal market for another year. See:

    - i7 will need a new motherboard socket and DDR3 RAM, both of which will be, or are in the case of DDR3, expensive until there is more demand.

    - It will probably push down Core 2 Duo prices - good thing for buyers.

    - If you are prepared to wait 15months and then shell out large amounts of cash then i7 is the way to go, but if you want to play the best games available today for a sensible budget there is no need to wait.
    - Note that you could buy a top of the range Core 2 Duo processor cheaply just as they are about to fall off the production line in a year or so's time just to give your system a bit of extra life.

    - Future-proofing is a bit of a fallacy, any build is going to go out of date fast, you have to work out price vs performance at the time you build.

    Hope that is useful. If you want some comments on builds then post on the forums and people will be happy to help!
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone, thanks for pointing out i7's launch for October 2009 that is far too long. to wait It looks like I will be building perhaps in the next several months. Someone at another forum pointed out that basically it well be the end of 2009 going into 2010 when games are really going to start using the power of a Quad..there just chipping the surface now. So a solid e8000 series would last you a good 3 years before you got to make a jump to a quad..you'll get some extra shelf life going Quad now. So if I get a top of the line quad core now and can go 3-4 years without having to upgrade I would be very satisfied, does that sound reasonable?
  7. Check out Anands article on it. They feel it isn't going to bring massive improvements to games.

    "Nehalem is about improving HPC, Database, and virtualization performance, and much less about gaming performance.....Why? Most Games are about fast caches and super integer performance. After all, most of the Floating point action is already happening on the GPU. The Core 2 CPUs were a huge step forward in integer performance (not the least because of memory disambiguation) compared to the CPUs of that time (P4 and K8). Nehalem is only a small step forward in integer performance, and the gains due to slightly increased integer performance are mostly negated by the new cache system. In a previous post I told you that most games really like the huge L2 of the Core family. With Nehalem they are getting a 32KB L1 with a 4 cycle latency, next a very small (compared to the older Intel CPUs) 256KB L2 cache with 12 cycle latency, and after that a pretty slow 40 cycle 8MB L3. When running on Penryn, they used to get a 3 cycle L1 and a 14 cycle 6144KB L2. The Penryn L2 is 24 times larger than on Nehalem!"

  8. I don't think waiting is a good idea if you need an upgrade...

    they just dropped the prices on alot of processors a week or so ago, so you can get a Q9550 for $330ish, or an e8400 for about half of that.

    any system you build now with newer hardware should not become obsolete anytime soon.

    my x1950xt performs almost as well as my newer 3870's... so that upgrade was pretty useless, i'm surely not about to jump up another notch to a 4870 if my 3870 is doing fine.
  9. simply said you shoud see it before you buy, I saw a few MoBoS with all the nice bits, yes you need to buy a new one, look up the ASUS p6t deluxe, I saw prices in the 300-500 ranges, but note the I7 is also priced at 599 and 1099. so get your 1000-1600 bucks, and then you can have a nice new setup. Notice no need for a Bus? and notice the ram its 3 units of 1 gigs at a time or 2 gigs, of DDR3, add that to the cost and you are in the 2200 range. is it worth it? yes and no, all depends what you got now.

    I looked it up, and I love it, but price is up there, the socket is called LGA 1366, Intel X58 chipset.

    I will keep my ASUS P5Q e8400 8 GIGs,. till the cost of the upgrade goes down a bit. thinking of a Nvidia 280 first,

    Besides, all new tech has flaws, and I am not the one that will test it for them.
  10. Based on the $200+ dollar price of the 2.6 Ghz i7, I say wait. From what I read, even with intel's new OC restrictions you should be able to get that up to 3Ghz.

    As for the graphics card, I would wait for the next round of cards to come out. Assuming you have at least an 8800GT I say your fine for now, because I am still zipping along with my 2 gigs and my e8400 and 8800GT.

    Wait for the new technology, you will not regret it. I regret when I built my PC some things I did not wait for, and/or learn more about before finalizing the rig.

    You don't sound like you can't wait. But thats just me.
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