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Hi there,

I've got an issue with my keyboard, and any assistance would be muchly appreciated

Whenever i play and FPS games, doesn't matter what it is, Doom 3, Bioshock, Crysis.

when i hold down the "w" key to walk, my character will walk a few steps and then stop, and i have to re-press "w" to get him to move again....

any ideas what is causing this and more importantly, how to make it stop?
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  1. Go to control panel and have a look at your keyboard settings. There are the character repeat and speed options. Have you tried playing around with this?
    But anyway: What kind of keyboard is this? Just a normal one or something you need a driver for to use it's special features? If so then try deinstalling said driver and try without...
  2. I've tried fiddling with them, but to no avail...

    it's a Microsoft Wireless keyboard. problem persists with and without ms intellitype...
  3. I had the same problem with my MS wireless KB. I ended up changing to a wired keyboard to resolve the problem.

    I am also interested to see if there is another wireless solution out there to fix this problem.
  4. OK there you've got it try another keyboard to rule that out...
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