Bad performance on brand new MAchine


I have a question about the performance of this Age of Conan and Crysis on my brand new computer.

I have:

AMD Phenom 9600 Quad Core
Asus M2N-SLI
8gb ddr2 800
Nvidia 280GTX 1gb
700GB 7200rpm HD
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit (for now)

Now, the computer store guys that built this said I could run everything no problem. However when I run Conan it seems to be a bit of a different story. I'm only in Tortage and i get max 25fps. Out of Tortage its anywhere from 35-60. I'm running 1440x900 res and I just clicked High Settings and left it.

With Crysis I have set it to max everything and put the res at 1440x900 and I get no more that 15fps,

All the drivers are up to date on my computer.

Should it be running like this with what I have and what its set at?

(sorry if its posted in the worng place)
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  1. First of all I'd DEFINITELY get vista 64 bit on there because you are wasting 4 gb of ram. What is your psu? There is definitely something wrong there, my 9600GT gets more fps than that on crysis at the same res.
  2. I got Vista 64bit working, For some reason the HardDrive, beleive it or not was why vista 64 wouldnt install in the first place. But still i am only getting like 17fps in Crysis. Every driver is up to date. I tired the TLB Fix and i gained maybe 3 fps. I'm going to take it back again tomorrow and they said they will change the Motherboard.
  3. Check your computer and verify they installed the components they claimed to have installed...?
  4. Definitely wrong tho. Crysis should run a hell of alot better from my expereince
  5. At that res Crysis should run at max no problems at all!
  6. Change that board to something that conforms with AM2+.(790 FX) That may have something to do with your performance woes. 8GB of ram seems like overkill too.
  7. Why get the 9600 in the first place? Get it returned or something and get the Phenoms with 9x50 model numbers which has the TLB fix at the manufacturing stage.

    Your build is rather lopsided with that powerful GPU but such a weak combination of a Motherboard and processor.
  8. If your switching the mobo, ask if you can get an intel one. You will like the processors a lot more from intel.
  9. Conan is said to have problems. Its probably not your system more than likely the game istself.
  10. Have you tries running Crysis in dx9? Add -dx9 to a startup shortcut and try it out
  11. Sounds like your psu is too low, i have q6600 ,evga Gtx 280 , vista 64bit prem, 4 gigs ram and im getting 110 fps in tortage and 130 outside.

    I have 2 psu's a 700w and 500W just for my video card that fits in a 5 1/4 bay.
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