Space Siege Review

Review by Travis Meacham.

Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games return to the action RPG genre of their previous Dungeon Siege games with a new science fiction title. Space Siege throws out the meat of a typical RPG and replaces it with very little.
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  1. 6.0 is a pass it? Seems about right :p
  2. I would have put it down as a rental if it were a console game, but since it's PC only it falls into the "pass" category for me. Or perhaps "buy used."
  3. Well, in any case, thanks to your review, I will pass it. :D
  4. Heya,

    I never cared for Dungeon Siege, 1 nor 2. I'm guessing a Space version is just as meh to me. I'm not going to spend money and support a design group that is just putting out different looking versions of the same damn thing over and over. But I'm weird like that, I can't see how people can play every version of madden, fifa, etc. It's just weird.

    Very best,
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