Games for me and Da Kid (he's 6 y.o.)

I took the old rig down to Joe's Computer Shop to replace/upgrade the CPU to a Q9550. It was like buying a new engine and finding out I had to replace the wheels, tires, electircal system, brakes, seats, radiator, and just about everything else just to run the new engine. I'm going back home (away on the road on business this week while Joe works on it) Thursday night and Friday I'm picking up the totally revamped rig. Nividia Cooler Master 830 case, 10 or 12 fans in the case, a new CPU cooler, a new top-of-the-line CPU, a EVGA GTX 280 video card, a new Intel motherboard able to handle the new CPU... I'll be months paying this off.

And I did it all for my 6-year-old kid. Da Kid likes to play games on the PC. I'm just an ol' softy and the rig is for him. So about 2 grand so Da Kid can play "Meet the Robinsons". Right? In a pig's eye. Me and Da Kid like COD4, Battlefield 2142, MOH Airborne. Da Kid is even better than I am with mouse and keyboard. In my more honest moods I have to admit I use Da Kid's gaming lust to excuse spending all this dough.

With this new quad core, I've got a lot of overkill built into this system. I want to get as much fun and entertainment and "wow" out of this system that is possible. What do you guys think? Are there any PC games out there besides Crysis that take advantage of the quad core's capabilities? What quad games are out there?

Even without considering quads, what games would you suggest that wouldn't be too gosh-awful bloody and gorey yet still have plenty of action and game play value? "Gears of War" didn't really interest Da Kid as much as COD4 and the wife loudly objected to the Gear's violence and gruesomeness. I didn't think Gears was nearly as good a game as COD and we took it off the computer. Actually Da Kid understood and agreed with us. Da Kid also picked up some language that we don't want him using at Sunday School.

My favorite stay-up-all-night games is still "Rome Total War" and I'd appreciate any suggestions along those lines, too.

And Da Kid really does want to install and play "Meet the Robinsons" when we get the PC back (or the "new" PC back). He's still a kid, after all. BUT I'm not sure these Disney games will play so good on Vista (having to install Vista to take advantage of that 8 Gigs of RAM). Any ideas on how well these more "primitive" games will run on Vista?
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  1. Hmm, I'd say give Company of Heroes a try. It would fit with the military action that you have going there and it is more a real time strategy game like Total War. Also it is just a really really good game.
  2. I recently purchased GRID and it's been a blast. No blood, no guts, just good Racing fun. I would purchase an X-Box 360 Controller for Windows to go along with it as playing a Racing game on the keyboard is just "augghh". I'll be getting a Wheel and Pedals in another week or two but as a family this game is just fun. Watching the replay of your race or your kids just adds more to the enjoyment. It's currently one of the best games I have ever played.

    Another game that me and my 8 year old son enjoy is actually Fate. It's not complicated, it's pretty straight forward, and at the same time addicting.
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