Beware of potential scam sellers

Beware of this guy:

Under the name jojospcs/JJ Barnett/Jo Barnett/etc in Illinois.

I purchased 2x 5850s, but the items never arrived after a month. Seller refunded me the money and asked me to re-purchase it under another one of his accounts, which I did. The items still didn't arrive after another month. Eventually had to go through the paypal-dispute resolution process. Apparently other people have had similar experiences with this guy when he tried to sell a 5870.[0]=585795&expand[1]=584908
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  1. how is the paypal process going? do you still have to wait?

    I might be selling a 9800 X2 later in the week... got a decent deal on an xps 730 system and it has 2.. might just part it out unless dell honors the warranty on it.
  2. still waiting at the moment. I'm fairly certain it will be ruled in my favor. The question is if there's enough funds to be recovered...
  3. Ya, I came across a similar guy except a buyer. His name is Yoni Hadad, or yoni03. He tries to buy parts off you, saying he is staying at a hotel. When you ship it to this hotel in the US, he tells you you were late shipping it (even if it was next day) and he already checked out. He then wants you to forward the item to his home in Israel. I didn't fall for it so the hotel ended up shipping the item back to me.

    What he does is, files a dispute with paypal saying he never gets the item.
  4. This dude filed a claim against me on amazon. He said i sent him a 160gb sata drive when I specially ordered 2 300gb SAS 15k drives in order to sell him one. I still haven't gotten any package from him so I am wondering if he's giving up now.

    I threatened him w\ legal action and he kept up the tough guy act. I told him that i'd call his local law enforcement if amazon debits my account and he keeps the hard drive i sent him. If that happened, I'd be out around $440 on the deal!

    I gave them a bunch of order info from ebay though, totalling 19 same/similar 300gb sas drives I've sold w\ 100% feedback so I'm pretty confident that they should see what's what.
  5. The story gets deeper...

    The guy mailed me a 160gb Seagate Sata drive w\ a holographic sticker w\ asian writing on it. Absolutely not the hard drive I sent him.

    I didn't pay attention to the package when I was opening it, or the packing slip that my wife had to sign to accept it. Upon further inspection, it was sent from China... The guy listed his Miami address on the From field.. IDK how they let him do that. I calculated out the shipping cost (340+ chinese yen!!! ) and it looks like he paid around $30-35 to ship it to me.

    I emailed him back and he's trying to tell me that he bought the hard drive for relatives in china. So, the only benefit of doubt I can give him is if he's the one in china... and he's having stuff sent to relatives in miami and they stole the hard drive.

    otherwise, it's just a scam where they're ordering stuff off amazon, shipping to china, and scamming / attempting to scam people.
  6. ^ That's one hell of a weird scam. =/
  7. after reading this thread..I guess I gotta be more careful..
  8. plenty o mofo scammers mang
  9. tell me about it. i think it's just sad. that and i believe in karma/law of reciprocity/ eye for an eye/ what have you.
  10. Apparently this jojo guy scammed a lot of people with fake windows 7 keys:
  11. You got your money back?

    My amazon drama is still pending. I finally got to talk to somebody @ Amazon who wasn't bottom tier and they had me ship them the hard drive he sent me w\ the packaging.... etc.

    I would imagine that anybody could put 2+2 together and see the chinese package w\ tracking number out of china, the miami From address even though he was mailing it from china, and then the hard drive itself w\ the chinese holographic label, made in china, and region code "Wu".

    I've had to waste a good 3+ hours on the phone w\ amazon explaining the situation. I don't think I'm going to sell stuff there anymore either.
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