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These last days while deciding (or waiting) for a new version of the 4850 or the 3850 (HTPC, i need a silent cooler) i decided to finish (once more) my POP trilogy (Sands of Time, Warrior Within, Two Thrones). Lets say i was all weekend on it.

Coming home driving my car (a 74 km commute) i pass a big tree with some vines on it and my though was just one:

"I could climb on to that and skip the electrical post to get that other rock.....good more gaming tonight"

I already had a tough like that on my WoW days, that happened quite frequently when somebody called me, and i tried to look without moving the head. Any wow player knows what i am talking about.

And you gamers ? Anything silly, strange and funny ever passed you guys ? From too much gaming ?
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  1. That's weird...I had the exact same thing happen to me after playing the PoP games, but I really didn't even play them that much. A friend of mine had the same thing - all these random thoughts about how to get to the top of a restaurant we were going to or wall-jumping in an alleyway. Not as dangerous as driving after playing Mario Kart, though!
  2. I have a strange thing that i always look to see if there's any cameras around (Think that's from too much MGS and Splinter Cell!).

    I also make many rather dangerous overtaking manouvers on my motorbike and ride like an absolute hooligan. Then again, that could just be me :D
  3. I noticed that I would think "Oh a crate - wonder what's inside" whenever I see a box lying around.

    Another thing that I've realised is that all those shooters (I think I've played 80% of all shooters that were ever produced) have made me become really really jumpy. If you tried to scare me you'd definitely succeed, but probably end up with a screwdriver in your eye. Or I would just die of a heart attack...
  4. If I've played too much GTA, I find myself looking at a nice car waiting at a red traffic light and thinking "I could jack that..."
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