Logitech Profiler no go Crysis on XP Pro X64. WHY?

For me, Logitech Profiler V5.02 x64 doesn't work with Crysis V1.2 on XP Pro SP2 x64?
All is fine with 32 bit! Profiler starts the game but key assignments don't work.
I have G9 mouse and MX 1000 cordless mouse connected to computer and cordless
Rumble Pad 2. Setpoint not installed.
MoB: Gigabyte X48, GPU: Radeon 4870, CPU: Intel E8500, Ram: 4 Gig Corsair Dom. 1066 MHz. The OS is a clean install.
Any body got any clues?
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  1. XP 64 bit. Thats the problem.

    As much as a hate it, if you have 64 bit XP, you might as well "upgrade" to Vista.
  2. I typically use Logitech profiler as a last resort. I can't say enough good things about Pinnacle Profiler. It's a very well-done third party application for any controller. After I saw how versatile it was, I now wonder how I ever played games without it.

    You can use it during a free trial period and see if it works for you, then buy it if you like. The forum's tech support also surpasses any other customer service I've ever received.
  3. Thanks for your replies, my prob has been solved. I needed to apply 'Persistent' profile association in Logitech Profiler! All works fine now.
    I don't like Vista for a number of reasons. UAC being one of them.
    I might try Pinnacle, although Logitech Profiler generally works OK and is free.
    Interestingly, I worked my prob out myself. I got no precise answer from Logitech support or in this forum, although all response is sincerely appreciated.
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