too much heat??

I just put together a new sytem and the Temperature says 52C/128F. Is that to hot?

1.7GHz P4
Via Chipset
1Gb SDRam PC133
Three Hard drives: 40, 20, 10
40x24x48 CDRW
7500 Radeon Graphics Card

I put in an Extra fan in hopes of creating more Airflow but after about two hours of working I got the "blue screen of death". I restarted and the temp had risen to 56C/132F. Is the blue screen from the heat? What the hell is going on?
I would Like to OC but am scared of Heat frying board or CPU. Any advise would be much appreciated.

Also I know the 7500 is a little old now but with 3dmark2001 I get 1226. I overclock using RAGE3d and score drops to 1026 (and lower). Why does this suck so much?
I cant stand GEforce after a previous bout of frying boards in an older comp. so any help on this would be much appreciated also.

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  1. since you are talking about your cpu temps here I would have thought you would have listed what kind of cpu cooler you had in your list of system specs :smile: but anyways....
    At idle 52C is a little warm and you should watch it to make sure it doesnt get in the high 60's or so under full load which would prob cause some stability long as it doesnt exceed 70C you will be ok...just keep an eye on it
  2. You should get higher score on 3dmark2001se. But it could be that when your running 3d games that your system is unstable due to lack of a video card. Your system is good at which your video card is way behind (generation). Get about 75-150 dollars and get a new video card also. Plus post your heatsink/fan on your processor here and we will see.

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  3. sorry about not posting info about hsf.

    its the original intel factory socket 478 fan.
    I have a pic of it but dont know how to post it though.

    ==Is a Processor supposed to Smoke Like THAT?===
  4. the factory fan should be stock coolers actually perform suprisingly well..if you want lower system temps case flow is very important...a good case will make for a good system....antec, chieftec are some of the best...I suggest two fans flowing in and at least two flowing out....this will get the heat that the processor fan is getting rid of out of the case...

    Your real bottleneck on your system is your <font color=red>MEMORY</font color=red>....An intel chip on a sdram platform is the worst setup on earth....if you want a real performance gain just upgrade your mobo/memory...waiting for the new chipsets from sis (sis655) and from intel (springdale/canterwood) would be a really good idea. Then you can run dual ddr and watch your 3dmark scores soar.
  5. Which VIA chipset? There is a known issue with the P4X400 reporting the wrong temp - Just something else to consider.

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  6. correction
    this is what it says

    SiS650GL/962 System Board
    SiS962 Chipset

    thanx again

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