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Hi, I have Hp pavilion xt155 laptop pc - 30GB HDD,512DDR running windows XPhome, 2years old. Recently I start getting error message: The instruction at e.g. ”0x77f57ec4” (they most of the time different) referenced memory at “0x00000067” (most of the time the same number). The memory could not be “written”. After that XP get frozen for about 10s., everything disappears and appears again like it would log off and log on again. Is that mean that I have some bad sectors in my HDD or RAM, or it’s just a problem with OS. I reinstalled my XP couple days ago, but it still from time to time giving me the same error messages.

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  1. It looks like the bad memory.
    Test your memory with <A HREF="" target="_new">Memtest86</A>.


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