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Who all is really geeked for D3?

I am excited for d3 to come out and i know for sure I will be buying it!

I loved D2, and i hope the general feel of D3 is the same but better if u know what i mean.
I really hope they allow crafting and good magic finding in D3 as well.

So what are your thoughts?

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  1. I'm kind of looking forward to it, but I wouldn't say I'm geeked for it. I will buy it when it comes out but I just don't have the obsessive fervor for it that I do for Fallout 3.
  2. 2 of my favorite games of all time have sequels coming from blizz, hell yeah! i'd be more enthusiastic but i'm exhausted.

    Now if only duke nukem forever was really real, then the circle would be complete.
  3. I had a particular thoguh pop into my head about 5 mins after finding this thread (on my weekly check of new D 3 news) I saw the Diablo 3 Gameplay Evolution video on Gametrailers.com
    which shows how the gameplay evolved from one game to the other, I also noticed the change in colors, what I mean is:

    In D1 for most of the time you were in a dark grey place with few distinguishing features: basement, catacombs, caves, pretty much the only place with color was hell. (but I haven't played in a while I may be slightly off)

    Then comes D2, the grass is actually green for one thing, there's day and night, sand, snow and plants that aren't dead.

    And in D3, well I'm not dumb enough to pass judgement on an unfinished game but it seems to be revealing a tread, a good tread mind you. Real looking colors=real looking game (to a certain point of course)
  4. Heya,

    D3 combines both the bright outdoors and the dark nasty dungeons. My main appeal is the dark of it. Diablo1 was great because of how dark it was. D2 was fantastic too, but sometimes, too bright and all. I'd love to see D3 go back to its roots and go back to graphic nastiness, dark holes, and chambers that you just know are going to be full of something you don't want kissing you.

    I'm very excited for it.

    The real question is, how is the multiplayer going to be? Because that is what will decide whether or not it is just another game, or if it is an instant epic.

  5. ^^ I totally agree with you, I mean we need realistic coloring and lightning (as long as you can actually see what's on screen of course) for example a desert better be bright and yellowish, and a cave better be dark, gray\brown\black with some sort of moss, while an area like the one in the gameplay video, well it seems to be fairly spot on (though I have no doubt they made it slightly less dark so that people could clearly see what was happening in the video)

    *edit* as for the multiplayer I think they were saying it was going to be fairly similar to what it was before (which was pretty good) but I suspect there going to be some special features (like special event raids where for a limited time you can get 2 or 3 times the normal limit of players doing the same thing kinda like pre-determined games for certain purposes)

    Anyway, moving on, I also though of something particular today regarding D3 death animations, in the video we saw the barb get his head bitten off, as awesome as that is it may not be in the actual game. I was wondering, wouldn't it be awesome to have that, let me explain:

    Let's say we have a barb fighting skeletons with spears, barb's health reaches 0, wouldn't it be possible for the game to find the particular skeleton who killed him and have it do a "spear through chest" animation? other animations could be the barb being sent flying ragdoll style, etc

    What do you guys think?
  6. jonyb222 said:

    What do you guys think?

    Knowing Blizzard, they will take their sweet time, but they will deliver a very good product. I know ill buy, and with the deal between AMD and blizzard to optimize it to ATI cards, well, gets even sweeter.

    About ragdoll and other mecanics, lets see what they will implement.
  7. I never found the Diablo series that good. For bliz my order of fun and quality in their titles goes:

    1) Starcraft
    2) Warcraft 2
    3) Warcraft 3
    4) Diablo 1
    5) Diablo 2
    6) World of Warcraft

    (Note: I never played the first Warcraft)

    I'm not nearly as geeked as I am for SC2.
  8. radnor said:
    Knowing Blizzard, they will take their sweet time, but they will deliver a very good product. I know ill buy, and with the deal between AMD and blizzard to optimize it to ATI cards, well, gets even sweeter.

    If they optimize it for ATI... wow, that would just be THE BEST thing ever, there are way too many games opted for Nvidia in my opinion. Also there probly will be more gamers with ATI then Nvidia playing D3 (seeing as ATI has cheaper and also integrated)
    (and also cuz I like the color red, which is the main reason I like ATI :D )

    BTW I heard recently that Blizzard was already throwing ideas around for D4, sweetness! I wonder what they're gonna do... I predict either the majority of the game will be in hell destroying\closing off what made the prie evils or in the past capturing them the first time around.

    P.S. I apoligize to the OP if I'm hijacking his thread
  9. jonyb222 said:

    P.S. I apoligize to the OP if I'm hijacking his thread

    Hijacking threads is fun !!! And it is about D3 so. They are talking about D4 ? *drool*

    Let us wait, Blizzard is know to take time...loads of it.
  10. So very very true, well it's a good thing because I'll be on a 9 month long trip and it would be a killer blow if it came out during that time.

    As long as D3 doesn't go the way of SC: Ghost I'll be happy
  11. i only played diablo as a demo... never actually played the whole thing.

    I'm too into WoW to really care about diablo 3 : I will buy starcraft 2 if it ever comes out.

    I have to say WoW is the best out of all the blizzard games because all the stuff you do is saved... its not just lost.

    I cant possibly add up the lost hours playing starcraft, only to have some lamer ruin an hour long game... and then you're left w\ only a win or loss... WoW is just so massive and you can log out whenever.

    my first blizzard game was the original warcraft demo i picked up at radioshack for a couple dollars, i bought 1 and 2 but only barely played 3 because i was more into starcraft.
  12. I hope Diablo 3 blows diablo 2 out of the water:) it better keep all the good thing diablo2 had though like crafing rerolling charms runewards ect.:)
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