How Do I install a game if I lost the cd key.

I've lost the CD key to GRAW 2 and I had uninstalled it previously, how do I install it again.
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  1. You either buy it again or pirate it, which for the record I do not condone.
  2. aren't their key gens or cd cracks or something similar?
  3. We don't talk about those unmentionables here.
  4. How do you lose the CD-key? Its in the manual which should stay in the case at all times...
  5. it came for free along with my geforce 9800gx2, it come in does paper cd holders and i lost that
  6. im guessing you're gx2 came from inno3d?

    call their tech support hotline (list all everything that will verify that you did purchase the card e.g. receipt, serial number), if that dont work talk to your retailer for some accommodation, maybe they can give you something that'll help on your situation.

    im itching to give you my graw2 cdkey because i aint playing it, im sort of bored by it.
  7. Put both hands on your head and spin around 10 times screaming and prey that it magically appears at your feet.
    Or you could just clean up your messy room and find it LOL.

    Just kidding sorry, hope u find it. I'm in a weird mood today.
  8. I would call customer support and ask them if sending them the original CD/DVD and the cover of the manual is sufficient proof that you indeed own the game legal. If so, then hopefully you will only need to play the cost of shipping for a new CD/DVD and a new CD-Key.

    Of course if the CD-key is in the manual then you are screwed.
  9. Since it was a freebie with your GFX card, I think you're out of luck. The publisher is unlikely to send you another copy of a game they sold for well below retail price. Besides, their customer was your GFX card manufacturer, not you.

    You'll probably have to go any buy the game - hopefully you can pick it up from a bargain bin. And this time, look after the key! In future, maybe you should keep a notepad (physical or digital!) with all your CD keys on - useful backup!
  10. it doesn't really matter now with crysis warhead coming out soon, fallout 3 one month after and far cry 2 in november
  11. trust me, its not that ahrd to lose a CD key. I put all my CDs in those multi CD carrying cases for easy storage, and its easy to lose track of the original boxes and manuals over the years :-(
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