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I recently bought windows 7 full 32 and 64 bit, but my laptops cd drive doesn't work and for some reason my external drive fails to cooperate as well. I have an external enclosure, and a desktop I can plug my laptop (the one that i'm installing windows 7 on) hard drive into.
How would I go about installing windows 7 onto the external hard drive?

Laptop - acer aspire 4520 w/ 250 gb hdd
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  1. I've been reading up on USB installation, but it looks severely confusing to me. If I could figure it out I fear my flash drive isn't large enough with it only being 4 GB.
    Can anybody give my any insight on this?
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    You cannot install Windows to an external hard drive. If you wish to install Windows 7 from a flash drive, a 4GB flash drive is sufficient (anything smaller would not be able to hold the necessary files).
  3. If you want to use your flash drive to install W7 go to Microsoft read the instructions and dowload the tool for the job.>>
  4. To me it looks like I have to purchase a download from windows 7 in order to do this? What if I already have the disks?
  5. The download is free. What gave you the idea you had to buy something?
  6. The download for the tool is free, but if I look for the ISO I have to pay for it.
  7. I figured I could just trasfer the files from the dvd to my flash, but now I have stumbled upon the weirdest obstacle.
    Whenever I open up my DVD RW Drive (E:) It just brings me to a list of pictures of my last vacation. The link could be sending me elsewhere?

    edit: I moved the pictures somewhere else, but the drive refused to recognize I had a cd in it, I think it died.
    I switched to yet another computer, and all seems to be going well right now.
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