SO I just installed Cod4 on my second pc. Its alittle older but it still surpasses the minimum requirements. So when i boot up the game (multiplayer) it sometimes allows me to get into a server and play fine but most of the time it just goes back to the desktop with a black square in the corner (like when u have a nonresponsive program) before it allows me to get to the start screen of the game and it just freezes. When it lets me into the server and I quit the server when I am done it does the same thing and freezes. Now the weird thing is I have not had it freeze while I was on a server. Anyone have any ideas of why it does this? I have already tried reinstalling the game but that does nothing. IDK what the heck is wrong. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Do you have ATItool running by any chance? its a long shot but i had a similar problem with Call of Duty 4 when i was using that program. It was a new build i was using too so i tore my hair out going through all the reasons it could have been. Or it might even be an issue with Punkbuster?
  2. Make sure you are fully patched.

    Go to punkbusters site and download pbsetup (or whatever they call it this week...) and save it in your pb sub-directory. Add CoD4 as the game, and apply any punkbuster updates.

    Also, what are your PC specs and in-game settings?
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