New PC freezing - Nvidia 9800gx2 the problem?


I have a newly built PC with the following specs:
E8400 Core2Duo 3 GHZ
Asus P5E3 motherboard
4 x 1 GB sticks of CSX 1333 MHz RAM
***Inno3D NVIDIA 9800GX2 video card
2 Seagate HDDs in Raid 0 (on-board Intel ICH9R controller)

I am running a clean install of Vista x64, although the problem occurred on both WinXP and Vista x86 as well.

The problem is that on a cold PC I can play some 1-2 hours of Crysis, COD4 etc and then it starts freezing - no response from controls and the last audio sample keeps making an annoying repeating noise. If I leave my PC on during the day and try playing on a warm PC in the evening, the problem tends to occur immediately after some 0-5 minutes of play. CPU is running at no more than 60 degrees celsius and the graphics card, which I suspect to be the problem, can get up to 95 degrees. Anyone know how to tell for sure?
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  1. i had problems like that and i fixed it by setting my gx2 fan to 100% all the time because it only went up to 45% even when gaming when i first bought it.
  2. Agreed, a heat problem. You could try shoving in some extra case fans (if you don't have enough - the 12mm ones are good) or maybe look at an aftermarket cooler for your 9800gx2 (not sure if there are any for that though).

    A nice big case will also help with cooling. Oh and make sure you have a decent psu too as this will help with the stability of your system

    Here is a very good app for monitoring your temps (not just gfx):
  3. How do set the GX2 fan speed? The Ntune utility does not allow me to do that (controls for the fan are disabled in grey).
  4. tried rivatuner?
  5. Ok, seems like the problem is with the fan on the 9800gx2. It seems to be set at 45% of max, hence the temp goes to over 90 degrees celsius. When set to 75%, the temp goes to some 75 deg, and when set to 100% the temp does not exceed 65.
    Temperature at 50 degrees with 100% fan with no load (idle).

    I used the EVGA Precision utility, which looks more simple than Rivatuner.

    Thank you everyone!
  6. The GX2 does have a really conservative fan setting by default. Cranking up the fan will legitimatly take off close to 10-15 degrees at idle...
  7. Guess what?
    Turned out to be a faulty motherboard.
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