Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty Review

Review by Kevin Parrish

Insomniac Games's Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty is a new downloadable title for the PlayStation Network that picks up where the best-selling Tools of Destruction left off. But does the downloadable title have enough content to justify the price?

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  1. Reasonable review... although the comment about how the size of the game relative to a full sized game would limit its rating seemed a bit bizarre. Who cares how 'big' a game is relative to another game? Disk space is cheap... nobody measures game quality by the size of the install file.

    Gameplay time for the money is the more valid metric for a mini-game (assuming quality is equal)... and in that respect QfB seems a decent value. $15 is a quarter the price of a full game... so it's relatively equivalent to a 20 hour full game, a bit on the short side but not too horrible.

    I thought it was a faithful follow-on to ToD, with enough new bells and whistles to keep things fresh. The story was great, gameplay was solid, and the visuals were lush... well worth 15 beans.
  2. I enjoyed it quite a bit and found it to be completely worth the $15 I paid for it on PSN. Too many reviewers seem to expect it to be the equivalent of a full retail sequel in a 2.4GB download for only $15.
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