Windows 7 problems with keyboard and mouse during gaming

Whenever I am in various games on windows 7 my keyboard acts up, sometimes it doesn't work or sometimes it gets stuck in one direction.. When I exit games my drag and drop capabilities goes out the window sometimes.. It only happens on Windows 7, when I use XP{dual boot} everything runs fine.. Anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks for any help..

amd 955
4 gigs ddr3 1600
WD 750 gig HD
Onboard graphics :(
G15 keyboard
mx revolution mouse
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  1. I also meant to say I tried a different keyboard other than my g15 and the same thing occurred..
  2. Samething still happening, only on windows 7 too.. Just playing a game and when I hit a certain direction it gets stuck in that direction or does nothing at all.. Only does this on windows 7 and it happens with most games..
  3. Ok, well it isn't just Windows 7, it happened on Vista 64x also.. Maybe I have having some sorta problem on 64 bit OS's only
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