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does anyone have or know of a place to dl a printer driver for the hp laserjet 3100 that works with a mac os x?
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  1. Have you simply tried going to HP and looking? Also what version of OS X are you using. Note the info below in reference to 10.7:
  2. Thank you ColGeek for your repsonse. I actually did go to HP support page before posting here, and saw that HP is not supporting this model printer for mac os x. I was hoping that maybe someone somewhere saw an open source or "aftermarket" driver that allows for basic printing and/or scanning. Ironically, the OS recognizes the printer, its manufacturer, and its model number. It simply won't run without the driver. Any thoughts??
  3. What version of OS X are you using?
  4. 10.6.8
  5. Under 10.6, OS X should be supported. From HP's website, remember to turn on the printer and connect to the internet before using Apple Software Update (ASU).
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