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hey, my names mike, and ive got a problem as many do with vtm: bloodlines. though ive owned about 3 computers with 2 different windows (xp and vista) and ive always had problems with the game and it is the rereleased version of the game. the problems im encountering now are, when loading a new game, as in i click on new game from the main menu. it sometimes crashes to the desktop at the start or half way through the loading screen, then if it does actually load up, when i go to the answering questions part when i choose whether i want to be a male or female and choose a female, it glitches and crashes to the desktop. then if i choose to go to the create my own character option, it will glitch and crash if i choose female from there also. so ive tried just loading the game as a male, but whenever i finish and it goes to the loading screen to start the game, it crashes and goes to the desktop again and i cant get any further. also i have dowloaded the official 1.2 patch and also the true version 5 patch aswell. i know that the game should easily work on my computer, im running xp, i have a radeon x1550 256mb 64 bit graphics card, and 2 gig of ram. so i was wondering if anyone had any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you :)
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  1. I've had the game for years and don't really play it anymore because I've done pretty much everything you can i'm done lol. Anyway, the game is very buggy, and no you aren't the only one to have those crashes at those exact spots that you are. Although whenever it crashed on me, the second...or third... try was usually a charm. Unfortunately there's no magic trick or special process I can tell you to make it work, it's just dumb luck.

    As per usual troubleshooting procedure, make sure all system, hardware, and software updates are installed. Make sure not to forget DirectX and your sound card, as those are easy ones to overlook.

    Last I checked there were tons of community-made updates for the game. I'm not too familiar with any of them, so I'd suggest trying a few different ones. If I had to pick, I'd go with one of the larger sized ones under the assumption that the larger the file size, the more the game has been tweaked, so the more likely it is that the problem has been fixed in that version.

    If nothing else, try the older VtM:Redemption, sure it's a third-person point-and-click game but in my opinion it was more fun and this is coming from a big fan of FPS games. Also there is a World of Darkness MMO in the works (world of darkness is from where the whole VtM series originates), no telling when that comes out though.

    Good luck.
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