Need to move Word files from '98 PC to a new Win 7 PC?


How can I move MSFT Word files currently on an old working PC w/ Win '98 to a new pc using Win 7?
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  1. If both PC work you can transfer files via USB Drive (NOTE Not all USB Drives support Win98) or if the Win98 computer has a CD burner, Or if the Win98 computer has a network card in it you can transfer the file over the network by placing both computers in a workgroup and share the Win98 drive to allow the Win 7 computer to access the drive.

    OR you can remove the hard drive from the Win98 computer and install it in the Win 7 computer IF you have a IDE channel available.

    OR if the files are few, small, and the Win98 computer has Internet access you can e-mail them to yourself.
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