KT400 fsb - what should it be

after being out of the loop a bit in the last few years, my old p3 800 expired so I went and bought a replacment. basic stats: gigabyte GA-7vax1394 mobo, athlonxp 2000 cpu, 512 megs 333mhz ram.
Not knowing too much about this new fangle tech, I set all the motherboard stuff to default, which seems to work. However, always looking for tweaks, I was examining bios and noticed that the FSB was only going at 133mhz. This seemed rather odd as I was expecting 166.
As far as I can understand all the components should be able to tolerate 166mhz, so should I ignore the defaults and set the fsb to 166 and the multipler to 10?
Thanx in advance.
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  1. The 133 MHz. is correct for your CPU. Unless you have unlocked it, you can't change the multiplier to 10 and up the FSB. You can push the FSB however, but you will be overclocking your system.

    The "400" in KT400 really refers to the DDR memory speed, not the Front Side Bus speed. The board will allow you to run DDR400 by running the memory bus asyncronously faster than the FSB speed.

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