Help I lost my dvds

I am probably in the wrong place but can't decide.I changed cpus on Saterday from phenom9600 to phenom11 940 and in the process I had to pull the board to install Cooler Master heat sink. As I was putting the board back in one of my power wires caught on the cap of the CLRCT pins and pulled it off. I went to the manual and put it back in place, but since then my dvds won't show eve in the bios. Yesterday I went to asus and loaded the latest Bios thinking that would fix it,but no luck. Since they are missing in my Lubuntu and they're on separate hard drives I thought the Bios would be the answer but they're still gone. Help
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  1. I'm back feeling like a real idiot for some reason changing the Ide strap was the last thing I thought of (two days) thnaks anyway and I'll try to do things more systematicly next time.
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