HD4870 AA in Titan Quest

First time I started playing I configured the game as to get a constant 60 frames in the menu screen.

Thus I got to 2xAA with Wide-tent filter, 16xAF and quality adaptive AA at 1920x1200.

Only today did I find out that narrow-tent and wide-tent filters produce blurring. So I changed to box or edge-detect.

Here's edge detect vs wide tent (at 8x). Just compare the health bar and skill icons.
http://img196.imagevenue.com/loc43/th_50602_Tqit-8xAA-wide-tent_122_43lo.jpg http://img133.imagevenue.com/loc752/th_50609_Tqit-8xAA-edge-detect_122_752lo.jpg

Putting that aside... as I was playing with the AA settings I noticed I wasn't getting any quality improvements. It seems there are areas where AA does not work and also, if I zoom out enough AA gets disabled in certain places.

Here are the screens. (taken at 4x AA I believe)

No AA in the temple entrance.

Temple stairs. Step closer, AA off.
http://img192.imagevenue.com/loc146/th_51283_Tqit_2008-09-10_14-10-07-91_122_146lo.jpg http://img231.imagevenue.com/loc587/th_51311_Tqit_2008-09-10_14-10-04-78_122_587lo.jpg

Zoom out a little more, AA off.
http://img132.imagevenue.com/loc946/th_51461_Tqit_2008-09-10_14-11-28-90_122_946lo.jpg http://img225.imagevenue.com/loc194/th_51483_Tqit_2008-09-10_14-11-30-32_122_194lo.jpg

The question would be... is titan quest or the catalyst drivers doing this?
I even tried disabling Catalyst AI. No change.

Now, even though the frame rate might drop under 60 frames in certain places I'll be playing at 4xAA using the box filter.

Adaptive AA really hits the performance in this game. If I disable it I can play with 60+ frames at 8xAA with edge detect (24xAA). But I won't :)
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  1. Yeah this game seems a little funky with the AA. I've noticed, too, that sometimes it seems like it will just turn off the AA when you're zoomed out (how I play it), though it's barely noticeable at 1680x1050. I also hate how, even though you set shadows to high, they still move around the edges. Shadows on medium or low just look like balls. Regardless, I've played this game for over 3 days cumulatively, and I'm still impressed with the graphics.
  2. I think I get it. The AA is turned off by the game in transfer zones such as cave entrances. If it wouldn't the framerate would drop considerably.

    Can anyone playing this game on an lcd confirm that the item labels are hardly readable while moving (press alt)? On my old crt I can read them perfectly, but on the lcd they're just a blur.
  3. I halfway confirm it...they do get a little blurry when I move, but I can still make them out.
  4. Damn LCDs. Pretty much everything gets a little blurry when moving. The grass, buildings, cliffs. Of well... at least not all games look as bad on an lcd, at least I think so. Better not compare anymore games against my crt, it ain't healthy.
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