Age of Conan Review

Review by Travis Meacham.

It's been three months since Funcom's fantasy, hack 'n slash, MMO Age of Conan launched and now it's time for a critical look. Is the real-time combat system and integrated story still interesting in the mid to upper levels?
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  1. Sorry Travis, I found it rather dull. I wasnt so enthralled with the game that I felt compelled to rush to level 80. I think that it is a work in progress and deserves a 6/10 at most.

    More specifically
    1)It was frustrating that it was so difficult to find people to quest with.
    2)Epic items were marginally better than magic items and are outgrown every couple of days. So there was little point in spending hours hunting them down.
    3)Combat became repetitive although I never grew tired of the kill animations.
    4) The player info screen (used for grouping etc) never worked properly
    5)World was boring needs more flash
    6)Why bother crafting as you don’t really get any good stuff out of it
    7) No economy and that is both good and bad as it eliminates professional farming but limits the benefits of the auction house/crafting
    8) NPCs could use some sounds
    9) Guild cities are grossly underdeveloped. There is so much potential there that it is painful to realize what they are not.

  2. AoC is and will continue to be a joke and a humiliating experience for JokeCom!! This game is a great example of what NOT to do if you want to create a successful game. for Three months after launch, the game still crashes and freezes regularly; I'm not the only one who's observed this behavior and reported it on death ears! the patches always broke something and some of the fixes were small, trivial, and stupid...who cares that there's a *Ding* when I level up compared to the game crashing?

    Even though they've reached 1 million purchases, only half of those people are still playing and the consensus is that most of those are still on their 30 day free trial. In another month or so, we'll see the actual number of active subscribers drop in half again.
  3. "The character creator itself is very robust allowing plenty of variety when molding your Hyborian avatar; as much as can be expected anyway when all the characters are human."

    Just curious if anybody else has masturbated to the female character creation screen?
  4. I was playing as a woman for the one character I bothered to get to level 65 before becoming bored.... gave me an entertaining passtime waiting for people to turn up after they'd joined my groups from half way across the globe...
  5. So the MMO that still has major crash issues, no endgame content, and broken PvP gets an 8 out of 10. I guess you have low standards.

    AoC has a patch coming soon for the PvP... Finally introducing a reasonable system that should have existed 3 months ago... but AoC's still very broken... and its playerbase is leaving in droves.

    I was looking through the AoC forums today, since its been about 3 months since I played last... and, well, it doesn't seem like ANY of the major issues AoC had at launch were resolved. The forums aren't exactly the most optimistic source of information, but it doesn't sound good that AoC's highest pop server is being described as "abandoned" by the people still playing.
  6. Quote:
    "There's nothing to do at level 80,") which may or may not be important to the greater population. Frankly I find the argument of "nothing to do at the max level" a tad meritless; akin to complaining that there's nothing to watch after you finish a rented movie.

    Are you serious? Is this sarcasm that I am missing? This is an MMO, not a regular video game. People pay for the initial cost of the game and continue to pay a monthly fee on top of that, why would you do that if all you’re doing is leveling your character to max level and then shelving the game? The last thing any company hosting an MMO wants is for people to quite the game after reaching the last level, they want to keep their player base. This can’t be done if there is nothing to do once you’ve reached the level cap. For this reason alone the score of the game should drop to no more than 6, and only that’s if everything else is working great.

    “By the third or fourth run through it get tedious.”

    That’s why there needs to end game content. Seriously, no end game content for an MMO is like buying a $50 video game and then completing it in about 10 minutes and then getting board of repeating it after about 30-40 minutes.
  7. Quote:
    That’s why there needs to end game content. Seriously, no end game content for an MMO is like buying a $50 video game and then completing it in about 10 minutes and then getting board of repeating it after about 30-40 minutes.

    Just a coment... I'm an old school MMO player.

    What have I played: UO, EQ1, DAoC, LotRO, CoV/CoH and now testing AoC... Not mentioning the offline games (stand alone or using Blizzard's battlenet from Diablo 1 and 2).

    The graphs are really amazing, and I never had the game crash (lucky me).
    Adding an end content to a MMO game is the same as trash the game and kill all investment they've made... this kind of stuff doesn't work for MMO RPG, but for stand alone game it's diffrerent.
    I share the same feeling about the boring part (running almost the same quests every time you create a new character) and the limit on how many characters you can create is just stupid (should be at least 1 of each class per server).
    FunCom has a great potential on this game, a huge turn around is really required in order to keep the players after the first month, like adding more content (story arcs) for groups, improve the PVP, otherwise the game will fail.
  8. AoC may have its short comings such as lack of end game content. Its not that end game isn't there, its just that there isn't much of it; 3 raid bosses and some epic zones. However, if you check the forums you will find out that the game is having a huge turn around coming in the next month. Heres a small list

    *A brand new PvP nortierity system that makes players criminals and forces them to "go underground" and get items through a blackmarket
    *3-5 Brand new zones including a lvl 80 zone full of quest.
    *Fixes to and opening of raid content
    *A revamp to the crafting system. More armor/weapons being added including epic armor and culture armor.
    *A revamp on how stats affect the game. Currently stats add a "negligible" amount to anything HP, DMG, defense etc ... It still a noticeable amount; however, not enough to allow characters customizations of their classes through armor.
    *A revamp of armor stats and progression for the same reason above.

    Also, as far as crashes are concered, the last few patches addressed most, if not all, of the causes. The game runs great now; however, there is the occasional lag spike.

    It may not be perfect, but I wouldn't say that its not a 7/10 worthy.
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