is it possible to go back to patch 1.6 in CoD4

I just downloaded the patch 1.7 CoD4 to find out that all the good mp servers are still on 1.6 is it possible to go back to patch 1.6?
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  1. Uninstall, reinstall, re-patch
  2. ok thx
  3. but if u do that wont u lose ur rank?
  4. Save your profile before you uninstall. Should be in the "players" folder. I just copy the players folder to my desktop, uninstall, reinstall, move players folder back into CoD4 folder.

    ~Death Dream~
  5. how do you un-install the 1.7 patch? were do you go? i have the same problem?
  6. you cant uninstall the patches once you install them, it becomes part of the game, not a separate thing so you need to reinstall the game for it first, but back-up your stats so you wont lose it :)
  7. Alright guys, i bought the game of steam, automatically got 1.7, wondering how can i get 1.6 too
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