Crysis Warhead available on STEAM

Crytek have stepped up the mark and listened to the public, Steam will now be selling both Crysis Warhead and the original Crysis on their platform. I think this is really great news, which leps reduce piracy and increase the sales base.

Warhead will be selling at less than the original version, due to the fact it will be shorter, but has improved Multiplayer and optimization. It will sell at $30 or bundled with the original at $80. I think the price of warhead is great and should get a lot of buyers. What are your thoughts? Are you planning on buying warhead?
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  1. Sadly, there will be aliens.
  2. Sorry about double post but for some reason I can't edit my posts :/

    At the end.
  3. does the one on steam have securom? since it may well be being installed, even if its not used at all
  4. Yeh the engine has been optimized, it runs alot easier i have heard (IGN review states Very High Settings with 2 yeear old GTS, G80 im assuming, runs solid) but the engine also LOOKS better than the original.

    Yes there will be aliens, but these are much more intelligent and there are new types.
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