WTB: WD Green Caviar 500GB

WTB: WD5000AVS-00ZTB0, DCM: DHRCHT2CHB. If you have an old one laying around and want to sell it, I am looking for the circuit board/controller from this specific model as the last-ditch effort to retrieve the data from this drive. It spins up (no clicks), but absolutely will not be recognized by any computer/os, either in the original MyBook enclosure, or an assortment of usb/firewire enclosures. I also directly connected it to the mobo on my computer, and BIOS never saw it. Replacing the circuit board/controller will be my last ditch effort. Thank you.
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  1. Lemme check the model number of the drive i have @ my house... I just saw WD5000**** Not sure the exact model though.
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