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hey guys so i am looking for a new game to get till left4dead comes out and Warhead looks really good i just have a few questions

first i am not worried about this running i have dual 4870 and a Q6600

do you need the first game to be able to play this or is this a stand alone?

also should i play the first one first i know they go through the same story just from different view? i know this could be hard to answer since the game isn't out at the time i post this....

any thoughts or comments on if this is the game to get or what let me know

thanks guys...
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  1. No, you don't have to have the first one, but I highly recommend playing it. Towards the end of the game, the plot branches off. You follow one branch as Nomad, but you don't know what's happening in the other branches. In Warhead, you start at the beginning of where it branches, this time following Psycho. He's somewhat of a comic relief, and towards the end I laughed when I saw what he did. So yes, it will be easier to understand if you've played through Crysis first. And I wouldn't be worried about running Crysis either.
  2. You can buy both over steam now aswell :)

    You dont need crysis to play warhead, or essentially to have played it i beleive. I would say howver that you wouldget more out of warhead if you played through crysis first, as you can see the difference between the 2 and get 2 different crysis experiences. Warhead sounds quite frantic and explosive, crysis is a bit slower and stealthy. Warhead is going to be much better, but also much shorter as it is a stand alone expansion.
  3. don't buy the original it sucks although i think warhead would be quite good. The only reason to buy the original is because of all the mods they have.
  4. Its okay to review a game and say that you didn't enjoy it but I would like an example why you didn't care for the game , because for anyone that reviews Crysis and say's that it sucks sound like a fool to anyone who has played the original Crysis ! Crysis is a decent FPS that I would buy and play first before playing Crysis Warhead then even if for some reason you didn't like the original chances are you won't want Warhead , to play the Crysis series in order is the way to go , Its worth the $$ for a FPS fan !
  5. I thought it was a pretty good game. Just got done beating it. Beautiful graphics. Pretty fun too.
  6. I got an issue... the game is not letting me change the resolution to 1900 x 1200... the max option it gives me is 1600 x 1200. I have two 9800gtx in SLI... anyone knows a fix for this? (I bought the game off Steam)
  7. wait for the hotfix or first patch and hope they tackle the issue
  8. thanks guy i think i will get the first one although it seem like the second is done a little better i would like to know whats going on in the story..

    and as for the steam thing i love steam i have the orange box however i guess i am a little more old school in liking a physical copy of my games if nothing else i like to keep the boxes as fun show pieces in my room....
  9. Ran on 2 machines, q6600 @3.0 ghz with 4gb ddr2 1066 and a 8800gt, running on 16x10 and it runs perfect, on everything on gamer settings and some on enthusiast.

    On my E6420 @3.4ghz 2gb ddr2 800 and a 9800gtx can only put everything on Mainstream with a few things set to enthusiast on 1280x1024. Gets a bit laggy. So the quad core seems to really be a big factor in playing this game and the extra memory is a huge plus since when i run the game im uses 1.8gb of ram. Both Running vista
  10. Rubenov said:
    I got an issue... the game is not letting me change the resolution to 1900 x 1200... the max option it gives me is 1600 x 1200. I have two 9800gtx in SLI... anyone knows a fix for this? (I bought the game off Steam)

    Hey man, I don't own the game, so I can't say this with 100% certainty... but check in the video options if there are aspect ration settings.

    I know in most Steam games you cannot go beyond 1600x1200 (4:3 aspect ratio) until you change to the proper one. You should be looking for 16:9 or 16:10, I forget which, but either of those ratios should have the correct resolution.

    Again, not entirely sure, but I know this is the case with a handful of my steam games.
  11. I wouldnt know about that lol. All i know is that i have it and the opening cutscene (not the game intro) is the most beautiful looking thing iv ever seen. Even though its not a aprticularly "pretty" scene, the graphics on enthusiast are aweosme.

    I recomment playing on DX9 as it runs MUCH smoother. (add -dx9 in my games or steam launch options)
  12. actually running better, on my dual core machine, it was only the first level that made it lag like crazy.
  13. Does any here have an issue with the games menu? My cursor isn't showing where it pointing. For example if I wanna hit "start game" I have to move the arrow below the icon and a bit to the right. In game it's fine. I shoot what i point at.
  14. I also had that "menu thing".. change the display resolution and it will rescale back...
  15. I like the original crysis alot better there is no learning curve with it and they allow you to walk you through it until it gets harder and you are more accustomed to the controls. ALso its much better becaesu in crysis you can kill people better in the first one than in warhead. IN crysis warhead there is only 1 or 2 missions where you can kill normal people. THe nanosuit was really cool of a concept to be introduced in the original but now in this crappy expansionpack, you cant make use of it because mostly all of your enemies are wearing the nanosuits. THey are all korean. Im thinking this is gay becuase you cannot kill them anymore, the enemies, with one headshot anymore or anything like that its taken multiple bullets from the
    very begginning of the game in warhead to kill your enemies. From the very beggining of the game in warhead, even on normal, its very very difficult to deal with, becuase your enemies are large villages with tanks/apc's and stuff, before you can even become accustomed to the controls or the nanosuit, you dont have that ability to enrich yourself into the situation,
    the original cryis is much more fun, and better, by the time you do eventually get stuck in large caves in the oringal game, youve at least become accustomed to the controls and everything. NOmad isnt as big as an asshole either as jason stanthom is. I feel like im watching the movie cranked when i play warhead also. THe graphics are better in warhead, but
    they dont make use of that. They tried to make the graphics too good in warhead> on the highest level of
    graphics in warhead it seems incorrect. the matching up of the objects isnt as crisp and polished as in the original game which is exceptional.

    Bottom line the warhead expansion pack is just that an expansion pack,
    and with most expansion packs, it isnt as good as the original.

    Some other things that are incridble frustrating in warhead is is that, they force you to , or at least make you think that you are being forced to move along quickly when there is no need to move along any faster. Also the whole idea of the parrallel story to the original is very unsatisfying, its like doing the same thing over from a different standpoint, that you never
    actually intended on doing, or wanted to. Im actually more than mildy dissapointed in warhead. IT may have also been alittle of my mistake to think that i was going to be getting the sequal to the first game. But IN the warhead its an expansion pack. And its not very good either, the characters dont look as good, i have all my settings set up to the highest, and theyve basically just taken a nice game and competed with farcry 2 which most people who have played with it unbiased opinoins including myself will say that farcy 2 sucks too. God. But warhead, dont get it over the original. Its like buying coca cola zero, over diet coke without ever having tried coca cola before. And im actually very upset its not a sequal its like watching the movie snatch, but instead of wathcing the movie snatch one time, its like divided it into 7 seperate movies and then
    realeasing them as individual movies but making you pay more money for it.
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