Case Front Panel wiring to MSI Mother boeard

I recently bought an MSI 648 MAX mother board and a Jupitor Sky Aluminium Case. To connect the front pannel wiring to the mother board, the mother board provides a set
of Intel compliant pin set having HDD indicator, Power, Reset and a Power Led. On thee mother board all these a 2 pins each and they are clubed together in a block of about 10 pins with pin missing(which seems normal accordiang to the diagram).
2 questions.
1. Each connecter from the Case fron panel HDD Led, power, and reset came as 2 pin connectors . Do the have specifc polarities. Meaning do' the need to be connected specicially one way or the other.
2. The last one the Power Led has 2 pins close to each other on the mother board, But the Case wiring has a a similar 3 pin connector, though only 2 wires go into it with the middle pin not connected.l This means that when I try to connect it to the mother board, one of the sockets over flow outside the motherboards pin connectors.

Is this a problem, Has anyone had this problem. What are my options.

Your help is very much appreciated.
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  1. 1. Yes they have specific polarities. But in my case, I'm not sure why it works if I connected them either way.

    2. Usually the power led has 3 pins on many mobos, ie. 1 led anode(+) and 2 led cathodes(-). If you mobo only got 2 pins, then connect the + and - wires to the mobo, leaving the remaining - wire unconnected.
  2. Diods only conduct electricity in one direction. That means while your power and reset switch will work either way, the lights need to be hooked up with the right polarity in order to light up
    2.) 3-pins is more common and a very old standard. Read your manual to make sure your + and - pins are next to each other before making the switch. If they are, remove the appropriate wire from the connector and insert it in the center hole instead. The wire comes out by lifting the tab on the back of the connector, I use a pointed knife for that.

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