Computer turns off by itself and wont start again


I have a serious problem
my PC suddenly turns off and wont start again. When pressing the power button - nothing!!! happens.
I have 1100MHz Duron, 768MB RAM, SB 5.1, CDROM, CDRW, 4xHDD 7200umin RAID 0, FDD, GeForce256 DDR, Ethernet and a 230W power supply - but the problem also occured while using an 300W ps.
I figured out, that when clearing the BIOS the computer will start again - of course with std configuration - the duron then runs at its nature 900MHz. Is it the power supply?
The problem occured first a week after installing two new 80GB hdds!
Now I'm running at 700MHz and I will see if the problem will occur again.
Any suggestions/hints?
It's like I really don't understand why the PC wont start at all after turning off by itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Thank you
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  1. Maybe when you hooked up the two 80gb hdd the setup didn't allow it. So then when they are try to boot up programs the half file is lost becuase they are spanned over the two drives? Not sure about this lol. MIght be, other ppl could help more then me.

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  2. The point is, that the computer rran flawlessly even with 1050MHz an the 230W ps for hours. But in the morning - the pc was powered down and wont even react on pressing the power button........that is kind of curious
  3. I would suspect your PSU. Try <A HREF="" target="_new">Motherboard Monitor </A>. It will help you watch your temps and voltages. But, IMHO, I think you need a bigger PSU anyways.

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