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hey everyone, i bought call of duty 2 online from and after i download both files and extract them to a folder, i run the install and i goes just fine but after i install and click on the games single or multiplayer icon i get a "CoD2SP_s.exe or CoD2MP_s.exe has stopped working". the game doesnt open or anything. i just get that error everytime. you have to activate the game before you can play it and thats done by simply clicking the game icon and its supposed to bring up a little browser box and you type in your activation key that direct2drive gives you on your account page. i know that because i also purchased call of duty 4 from direct2drive and that game opens/runs just fine, it only took one try. so if anyone else has had the same issue, any help is greatly appreciated. i also have told direct2drive but their customer service is so slow to answer. they rely on a email system and no phone. just email. but thanks for any help, id really like to play what i paid for as im sure anyone else would.
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  1. The game has issues with vista. Right click on your icon and click properties/compatibility tab and select the checkbox for "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and on the drop down menu select windows XP service pack 2. Also, if that doesnt work you may want to try right clicking on the icon and clicking "Run as administrator"

    There is no gaurentee that this will work, but it is not your direct to drive version, but the game itself. Even my regular DVD version did the same thing, but I dont play it anymore since I have CoD 4. Hope this helps!


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