FS: XFX 5870 XXX Edition

I am selling my barely used XFX 5870 XXX Edition GPU with EK Acetal+Nickel water block. The card has a double lifetime warranty so the buyer will get the second lifetime warranty with this card.

GPU+WB: $410 Shipped to your door (CONUS)


I will consider other offers for the GPU with and without the Water Block.

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  1. Did you also make a post on Hard fourm?

    I saw somethign just liek thsi there.
  2. Hard Forum? I'm not familiar with Hard forum. I did post this in
  3. Oh, Ok.

    YOu might also want ot post this in hard Fourm

    Go under fourms. (You need 50 posts first)
  4. I believe removing the stock cooler and attaching an EK Acetal cooling block violates the warranty...?
  5. ^ Yes Sir, but only if they prove it.
  6. Yes, it does void the warranty, however, if you do it correctly and cleanly, they can't tell the difference. I have RAMed three cards now for various reasons after removing the stock cooler and had no problem.
  7. YGPM

    On seperate GPU+Stock cooler.
  8. do you still have it forsale? get back to me soon at

    email address removed to spare you spam
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